Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


France will beat them tomorrow, he’ll fly straight to London, taxi to Colney. Medical on Saturday morning, which means I can add him to the Players section on Saturday afternoon. Perfect.


I think he’s essentially an upgrade on Xhaka, which confuses things given Granit signed an extension.

I’m still not sold on Elneny however with Emery’s structure and how he plays his two CM’s, his ball recycling abilities could be essential for this team. It might require Torreira to be the one who needs to pass through the lines or to a deeper Özil, which he looks fully capable of.

Ramsey is in that weird hybrid bracket whereby his ‘talent tree’ is a mish-mash of qualities that are promising but aren’t solid in one sole trait. Which is why it’s hard to place him in the team.

I think we need to look at how our defense might work in order to know how our midfield will. We have three CB’s (Mustafi, Chambers and Holding) who can potentially play it out from the back, which for me bypasses our need for a ‘quarterback’ style Xhaka, when it could be going to Torreira instead who builds from the center.

I’d love to see Xhaka finally fit into our system, both to justify his price tag and to see his qualities put to good use.


Allez Les Blues!! :fr::fr::fr:


Signing an extension is also a way to make sure the club can cash in should they decide to sell. No more players running down their contracts and us getting screwed in the market.


See you soon Torriera :unai:


Hes coming home :heart:


This guy has looked class all tournament. Really hope we get this deal done ASAP now Uruguay have been knocked out.


Pretty sure a chant can be created using the melody from Laura Branigan’s ‘Gloria’


I would absolutely crease if he ended up else where :sob::sob:


I don’t get what ppl see in this guy. Was the center of a midfield that got dominated and pushed back in their own 3rd pretty much every match. Oh well club football is far different and hopefully he’ll be better. Best case scenario is that he’s the exact opposite of Xhaka who looked class at the euros and then was trash in the PL.


You’re trying to hard again.

It’s clear you didn’t watch any of the games, don’t understand what you’re seeing or trolling.

I thought 2018 was the supposedly the year you switched up online personas?


No he was just not very good, and then he went up against the best ball winner in the world today in Kante and that really magnified his short comings. He doesn’t seem to read the game very well, he’s reactionary as opposed to being proactive.




how can you be proactive at DM you stupid prick. at DM you react to how the game is flowing to which he did very well he had tonnes of interceptions and linked play well, fuck off you shit shit troll.








Will post the memes soon


First team Recruitment is over :thinking:

Feels right, I’m ok with our summer hual


Who said that? I think we will be getting more players.


Orny in the tweet above