Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)

Getting proper hyped about a potential signing for the first time this summer and I’ve never seen him play :joy:. Love the summer window.

Can I join the fan club @Titou14? :giroud2:

Will this happen?

  • Yes
  • No
  • MADNESSSSSS :heart_eyes:

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Cough cough…

Link to the rumour please…:giroud3:


Not believing.

Wtf is Orny doing. Busiest time of the year for him and he is on Bahamas drinking Mojitos.


Linked with this guy again today…reminds me of Roark Jr from Sin City…

How about now?

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@Calum what’s your record like with regards to threads started to transfers that actually happened?

Ratio better be good ffs


Most likely shite but I’d say that’s a consequence of Cal being more likely than anyone else to start a thread. (Just for clarity I’m in no way suggesting the starting of such threads is a bad thing)

Well I’ve got my scapegoat if this doesn’t happen then, in that case.

Edit: oh hello

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Made Mbappè Higuian Mahrez Manolas rumour threads to name a few. No success rate so far :santi:

Any successes? :arteta:

Gabriel on the old forum. None on new OA yet

He asked for successes m8.



Ffs man, let’s hope you can sort this losing streak then

But can we offer him what he wants? That’s always the problem with us. He would solve our midfield problems so well though.


If we can give a 23 year old Xhaka £90k or whatever he’s on I’m sure we can make this fella happy. Especially if we unload Wilshere’s £90k a week or whatever he’s on.


@Calum, that’s for you. He has a good technique as well.