Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Think it’s been a good summer and we can focus in the forthcoming windows on signing younger talent with a high ceiling.

Everyone deserves a chance under Emery.




Flights from Moscow to London:
Number Departure Status
SU 2570 || 5:50 (local) || Landed
SU 2580 || 7:20 (local) || Landed
SU 2582 || 13:40 (local) || Later
RU 693 || 16:00 (local) || Later




I agree completely. Looking forward to seeing how Welbeck does!



Not much, but enough to see that he’s clearly not a playmaker. That’s not to say I’m against destroyers, but I really expected him to look better on the ball.

Also, Özil, Mkhitaryan and Auba are not young, so I don’t think the club can afford to wait.


I think he’s better on the ball than you may think and I wouldn’t call him a destroyer, in the Uruguay set up he’s made to do more defending than ball carrying and distribution which is more down to Bentancur and Vecino.

For Sampdoria his duties extend to carrying the ball forward, passing through the lines and also intiiating attacking phases of play.

He averaged 2.5 long balls a game and 1 key pass a game for Sampdoria and that’s with all the beastly defending he does.


Like it or not the main goal for this team should be the Europa League. A Premier League title will be out of their reach for a long time.


Are we tracking planes yet in anticipation of his arrival?


Never doubt Arsènic


Could fly back with Welbz Wednesday night.



Yeah we won’t get welbz back until like September, need Lucas here before that.


I’d prefer it if Welbz stayed and signed for Spartak Moscow.


Lol! That’s like the Scousers with VVD.


Or us with Auba :wink:


Juve fans have been tracking all private planes from Greece for the past 2 days :arteta:

It’s the new ‘in’ thing to do.


No “fuck off bad troll” comments? Okay then 🖒


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