Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


Watched the replay today, this looks to be an absolutely awesome signing for 25 million.


He really gave everything for Uruguay yesterday. Love him!


I am really, really hoping that this is as done as some sources are reporting, rather than Ornstein being closer to representing the reality of the situation.

Would be absolutely gutted if this didn’t happen now.


I hate that I’m even saying this but £25m for a player of this obvious calibre and rising profile and given the age he is too, it just seems like a steal in modern football.

Is there a specific release clause here, or if not, why aren’t we having to pay more money than this bargain (:expressionless:) fee


We’ve met a club that are as terrible at negotiation as we used to be.

Love new look Arsenal grabbing genuine steals in the market, when you consider how much Jorginho, Fred and Fabinho went for it’s an amazing deal.


Don’t listen to bad random cunts on twitter btw, stick with Arsenic, he has got you.


Orny is one of these cunts. He has let me down.


If I’m Sampdoria’s technical director I am 110% shopping Torrerira around to other clubs in the hopes it starts a bidding war.


@shamrockgooner is a ‘shut your whore mouth’ needed here?


Yea. Go for it!


@josh you know it just has to be done sorry it’s the rules :henry2:


I didn’t realise just how tiny he was. :hushed:



Tiny in height but huge where it matters… the genitals.


He will impress Troy Deeney with his package.


Plot twist: Delay due to Torreira’s representatives hoping for bigger club after a great WC showing.

Would not be surprised in the slightest.


Don’t you start, please :xhaka:


Rules are rules @Maverick79. I’ll accept it. :santi:



Let it happen ! Just for the meltdown in here :mustafi: