Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)






Think we need arsenic memes aswell now tbh



I haven’t seen this many random journos, since i started following Arsenic.


What shirt number might he get?

29? 19? :eyes:


73 :giroud2:




I’d like it if he had Gilberto’s old number :slightly_smiling_face:


His favourite number is 34, that what he wears for Samp – it obviously means something to him as he has a tattoo of it, but that’s Xhaka’s number, who also has it tattooed – what are the chances?! :laughing:

He’s worn 4 before and wears 14 for Uruguay, so the 4 might hold some significance too.


We’ve just given 4 to Elneny! Maybe need to make him revert to his previous squad number.

Unless I am mistaken…24 is available…


He’s our new Jack Bauer



Whaaaaat? I still can’t get over watching Tolisso wear 94(!) at Besiktas or Inler wearing 88 at Napoli.

Does anyone know why he wore 88? I always assumed it was the year he was born.


88 is a controversial number. When Buffon tried to wear 88 at Parma everyone freaked out because it’s the Nazi symbol for Heil Hitler!

He said he liked it because 88 reminded him of four balls resting on each other, so maybe that’s why Inler chose it too?


Inler…Himler…88? Too much of a coincidence imo.


Buffon has got form with fascist tendencies though, no?


Can’t the English FA deny numbers over 50, if it’s not a academy player that is? Someone said it in the old board I think.


I don’t think there’s an actual rule. Iheanacho was #72 before he left for Leicester.


Can’t see this go bad… :arteta: