Lucas Torreira (signed, closed)


It’s done you morons :sunglasses:


Lelelel i dunno man just gotta laugh. Portugal dominated in the midfield and had Uruguay pinned in their own third the entire match. Torreira’s only touches of the ball was when he was blocking a shot :thinking::thinking::thinking:




With him on the field, no one is giving us shit anymore. Can’t wait to see him destroying the likes of Pogba and de Bruyne.




I can’t even begin to imagine what game you were watching.


That’s exactly what Uruguay wanted. That’s their comfort zone since forever.



Our most exciting signing of the summer by a country mile, can’t wait for him to get out there in our colours :sunglasses:


i really and truly hope this is done, a lot of reports seem to say that we are relying on him wanting to still come and the paperwork etc is not signed. If that is the case we could be in trouble all we need is some fucking team like Barca or RM coming in offering more money to his club and offer him more money and a more appealing project and we are fucked. I hope we have something legally binding.


Treble in knowing nothing shocker. This guy is world class. Was unbelievable tonight


Imagine the deal not getting done :arteta:


Shut up please, you doom mongers :xhaka:



Love the last picture. Lucas dominating CR7 :giroud2:


This is my favourite photo

Still marking Ronaldo while he screams at the ref :grin:


I hope this deal gets done soon


We might be seeing him do this to Ronaldo next season when we play Man U :grinning:


Ronaldo is playing for us next season, m8 :arteta: :poldi:


Ronaldos facial expression is priceless :mustafi: