Lucas Pérez


Guess that meeting with Emery went pretty fucking shit


Called him back to tell him to fuck off :joy:


In Emery we trust


Who is the fucker that claimed Perez was wanted by Unai?


Bye bye lucas?


Absolutely no point selling for that price.


His agent has said he won’t be joining Lazio this summer


Gets his 100k wage off the books and I think that’s what he was reported as being paid.



I’ve only ever seen that he’s on £40k


Not that I know what he’s being paid, but 40k seems remarkably low, I highly doubt that.


I’m more inclined to believe he’s on 40k a week than that he’s on 100k. There’s no justifiable reason why the club would offer a player 5 times his salary to move from Deportivo to Arsenal. And I know you haven’t implied that he’s definitely on 100k it’s more just a general point.

Salaries across the major European leagues (outside of the absolute biggest clubs) pale in comparison to the PL. A lot of players who arrive from smaller European clubs initially sign lower contracts as it’s still a huge bumper deal for them. It’s only in subsequent contracts do they come more in line with other players.


Perez is a decent player and every time he played for us, even if it was rarely, he usually had a good performance.

This must have been one of Wenger’s strangest signings.
It was as if he was bought without his consent, and only played in cup competitions, or coming on at the end of a game.


Looking at it most of the reports do say 40k

I thought a new manager may have given Perez a go. His stats last season and the season before we bought him look very good on paper but maybe he’s just not of Arsenal standard. I actually thought at the time that he might have been a revelation here.


It seems Emery wants to give him another chance.


Yeah fair, I thought it would be something like 70k most likely, because you know, we’re a big rich club and seem fairly happy to pay fairly average players quite well.

But I’m totally guessing, I literally have no idea lol


I like him as a player.

Far more end product than Welbz and a good option in the squad.


I would think this is how Emery thinks about the entire squad. Everyone gets to prove why they should be there, and in his team. So they all start from the same point.

So this really is a good opportunity for players like Lucas. I hope he takes it.


That was reported but the fact he’s being shopped all over Europe tends to look like it might not be true.


Not Wilshere :wink:. I think that doesn’t go for any player.


Wilshere was offered a contract. He declined it.