Lucas Pérez


You slanderous bastards. You take that back!

On Lucas, I’m pleased in all honesty. Think he’d work better under an organised Spanish approach and certainly offers more goal threat than either Dan/Alex. Tides us over till next summer after Emery works out what he ideally wants in this team.


I’m happy to have him back, I liked what I saw, he was always got a goal or an assist when he played.

Hopefully Emery can utilise him properly and get the lost out of him.


He can do a job. But should never be a starter imo.


Feking love this post.


Yeah, he deserves another chance. Wenger didn’t use him properly.


Tbh you have to wonder what we moved to the Emirates for ? People seem content with going into our 13th season at the ground with Lucas Perez as a starter :joy:. Wish we just stayed at Highbury.


Who said that?


He actually never got enough of a shot under Wenger, I didn’t understand it. He isn’t world class but impressed me enough at the time.


People saying that they’d welcome him back as he’s a better option than Iwobi or Welbeck Who both start games for us regularly, how many games do we go into without one of them starting ? So I assume by posters wanting Perez back due to him being superior, they want him as a starter.


*happier than with the other lads.

Perfectly reasonable stance even if still wanting better than all three.


Yeah and he may well be better, I just think it’s a sad state of affairs if our wing options are these. When you take into account the likes of Gazidis saying We’d be competeting with the top clubs in Europe by now.


Don’t think anyone will disagree with you.


How old is he now?

We shouldn’t waste our time on this one. Get a promising talent in andget him ready for season next.


He’d be about 30 by now I reckon.


Nope Nope. No point playing this guy.
We should prepare for 2019-20 season from now. Stop wasting time on players who won’t contribute in coming seasons.


Since January it seems like our first choice players for the left are Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang (though maybe Auba isn’t under Emery), I can’t see the problem with Perez and Iwobi being third and fourth choice there, that seems like decent depth to me.

I think your assumption that anyone wants him as a starter is misguided, I think you’ve made a leap to reach that conclusion tbh.


We need a natural winger plain and simple, we need someone that can beat players of the dribble. We don’t have anyone in our squad like that.





Fair play to Lucas that’s a decent move. Wish him all the best