Lucas Pérez



He’s obviously much more suited to Spanish football. He should just stay there.


Why do you say that? Every game he played for us he either came up with a goal or assist but Wenger preferred to bench him for shit like welbeck. I wonder if he teabagged Wenger in front of staff or something the way he treated him.


Perez was a strange signing.
It was if he was bought without Wenger’s approval.
I always thought he played well for us, considering he never got a run in the first team.
I would rather keep him than Welbeck.


Local news is usually spot on.



Deserves another chance. Was class when he played for us


I have a lot more confidence going forward players will be utilized properly now.

Holding on to Lucas will be a good stop gap till we can find better forwards in the market


Definitely a more enticing option than Iwobi or Welbz. Though that’t not saying much.


I like him. He always did well when he got the chance to play.


Hopefully he will come back into the squad and get given a chance by Emery, Welbeck can fuck off out of the club.


Perhaps I phrased that wrong. I just got the impression he’s happier and more comfortable in Spain. Youre right and I agree when he got the chance he wasn’t bad at all. It’s a shame Wenger didn’t utilise him more.

Now that Emery is on board, an energetic player like Perez may fit into his plans. I wouldn’t mind giving him another chance at all.



Me & my camp have declared it as ‘good news’ as well


Whats your camps thoughts on taking the “on loan” out of the title? :wink:


Disappointing news for us, we need additions that are of higher quality than Lucas Perez.




A far better option than Iwobi.
I’d certainly get him back .


If we really do have a shit transfer budget then I’d welcome bringing him back and then selling Welbeck for whatever a Welbeck is worth.