Lucas Pérez


Full name: Lucas Pérez Martínez

Date of birth: 10 September 1988
Place of birth: A Coruña, Spain
Height: 1.81 m
Playing position: Attacker




Must admit, I know nothing about this guy, but I really hope he makes an impact here at Arsenal. Welcome!


Welcome to the Arsenal Lucas! Look forward to watching him!!

Post of the Year 2016


I feel pretty good about our options now. I think Giroud could partner a guy like Perez and looking at the graphs @Burgundy has posted Perez seems like a much better passing/technical version of Vardy. We have so many options I hope Wenger will play with the lineups a bit.


Outstanding. Doing the Lord’s work.


Welcome to “the spanish Vardy”!


Can’t claim the credit, my brother found it floating in twitter.


Giroud is still first choice but at least this guy will bring something different to our strike force, he has so much to prove though considering he’s almost 28 and has only ever had 1 decent season in his whole career. I wish him all the best and hope he makes a difference to us


I’m not so sure, he’s obviously fit by now and Wenger doesn’t seem keen to start him.


Giroud is not fully match fit yet Wenger said so in the pre match presser


How the fuck can a professional athlete not be fit by now. Though even at the start of last season Wenger was reluctant to start Giroud, I’m not sure he’s automatically going to start over Perez when Perez could essentially be a better version of Theo upfront.

That certainly seems like Wenger’s plan for a fluid front three.


I think AW is too conservative here, but professional athletes are ALWAYS fit, it is being MATCH fit at the very highest level that is a different matter. AW wants players to get enough mental and physical rest in between major exertions (leagues, tournaments, etc.) and probably also see him in training and realizes he isn’t quite ready.

Having said that, he should be playing and keeping Theo or Ox out of the side.


Say what you will of Giroud, but he keeps himself in tip top shape.

I doubt he has been on the pies like Higuain. I would have thought he’d have been playing by now.


Perfectly reasonably for a player not to be fit enough to start just yet, we don’t know what’s gone on behind the scenes so who knows.

I don’t believe in first choices, both players should be rotated to get the best out of both - but we’ve had this discussion before so i’ll let it here.


Got to keep that model like physique.



It’s a new life and journey for him. Seems an unfancied product of hard work and passion. Would actually be a heck of a footballing story if he proves to be a :gem: of a signing.