Lucas Pérez


Whilst being told that his playing time was going to be limited.


An opportunity to prove yourself under a new manager. And he bottled it.


Would you feel like you would have a fair go at it if the manager told you your playing time would be significantly reduced?


If I felt I was good enough? Of course.


So the new manager essentially told you he doesn’t trust you, but you do feel like you would have a fair opportunity to prove yourself? Bit of an odd way of thinking.


It’s not odd to fight for something you want.


That’s entirely different than (everybody) getting a (fair) chance of proving yourselves like Luca/you were saying. He wouldn’t start from the same point. Wilshere would start of the back foot.


It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish.


Lol. Than why do you say this:

So they all start from the same point.

It clearly doesn’t go for Wilshere.


He would have, had he signed the contract.


He wouldn’t have. The manager actually told him his playing time would have been reduced if he decided to stay.


Jesus Christ


What does Jesus have do with this? Your initial post just isn’t applicable on Wilshere.




It took a while for you to see it, but happy that you do now.


Uh huh


This goes for Perez too btw (since we are in his thread). Obviously he doesn’t start on the same point as Lacazette and Aubameyang.




You believe he gets the same opportunity as Lacazette and Aubameyang? Lol.


Well this is an boring, pointless and shit argument.

You can take my word for it, I’m something of an authority on the matter.