Lucas Pérez



So we’ll waste his time for a year and then he’ll be sold?


Dont you mean be allowed to leave on a free. I think this club has some braindead people in it. They keep players we dont use or need on contracts for ages then give them a renewed contract still not use them then let them go for nothing. Or we have top players we want to keep and then not bother with their contract until its squeaky bum time. I bet you Perez we will decide to keep and not really use end up sending him on loan again then let him leave for nothing. Why not just fucking sell him even if it is for something like 5m then keeping him around not doing anything with him wasting a wage and then getting fuck all out of them.


So no Wenger, as he doesn’t rate him?


How much money have we wasted on strikers like Perez, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Gervinho, Welbeck, Sanogo, etc.
That lot make Giroud and Lacazette look world class.

All the money wasted on transfer fees and wages could have been spent on one world class striker rather than several less than average players.

Perez has cost us nearly 2m for every match he has started.
Not the greatest value signing we’ve had.


Top source that.


Is he gonna be 3rd choice behind Laca? I doubt he’ll want to come back for that.


Guess who’s back, back again.


His wages are huge. I couldn’t get rid of him on my FM save with Arsenal.

Was on 100k a week lol, I tried offering him to clubs for nothing. Couldn’t get anything. Eventually Newcastle loaned him, with me paying 70% of his wages. Cunt. Was stuck with him for two seasons, eventually his contract expired.

Awful signing, glad Wenger’s gone.


Am I crazy for thinking that there is still a decent player there? He barely got a chance but did pretty good for the limited game time he received.

Maybe a new manager could do something with him. If it’s a choice between paying him his full wages, or paying 70% of them and sending him off to Spain / Italy, I’d rather keep him for depth or whatever. Might as well unless he’s a complete cunt who will fight other players and take big shites in the team toilets without flushing.


Better than persisting with the likes of Welbeck that’s for sure.

He was very productive despite not being trusted by Wenger.


Would definitely have him 3rd choice over Welbeck


I think most of us thought he was decent. Not great, but he deserved more chances than he got.

Now though, I don’t think there is any room for him. I don’t see how he fits in any more. No point bringing him back just to be a spare part. Need to move on IMO.


I can’t see any reason why he can’t have a reconnaissance under a new manager (like Danny Rose under Pocchetino at the Unmentionables)

If the rumours are true, he’s only out of favour here because he had a dust up with Wenger


Keep him, sell Danny on the back of his 5 goal world cup.


Actually, this has just reminded me that Joel Campbell is still an Arsenal player too :laughing:


Did you seem play for Deportivo this season ?


Lukas Pérezski is done. Was never very good in 2012-13, or 13-14, or 16-17, except for beating up on crap opposition. Poor loan stints afterwards at Depor and Inter, and age has eaten away at his already marginal athleticism.


Has an awesome left foot.


Scored a nice volley v Bournemouth once. That’s the main highlight in his career lol