Lucas Pérez


Guangdong Dragons?


See that’s actually not a bad bet.


Part of me is still surprised that West Ham weren’t interested in one of our shit English lads


They probably were but theres no way they would match their current wage.


I feel like West Ham could probably stretch to about 90-100k, would hope that would be an acceptable enough wage for the shit lads.

You’re probably right though.


Apparently Joe Hart is on £175,00 a week, of which West Ham are paying £120,000. Hernandez is on £140,000 and Arnautovic is on over £100,000 too. They could definitely offer Theo a decent wage. But he’s probably enjoying the culture of comfort at the Emirates too much.


I can just see it now - “come to the Emirates, where the sultans lounge and dine - there is no more decadent or luxurious place for vaca… err… I mean football!”


Why can’t our shit players be the want away ones.


Maybe our dwindling English contingent will shock the rest of them into action and Walcott will finally piss off next summer :pray:





Poor cocktor :xhaka:


I asked a few of my West Ham mates if they wanted Walcott, and they said they would rather have Giroud or Perez.
They also seemed a bit insulted that I had even suggested Walcott would be good at West Ham, as if I had said someone like Sanogo or Chamakh.



What a baby. Didn’t get his number so wanted to take his ball and go home back to Depor.


Having a fine time back in Spain!


He had a fine time here too, apart from that dickhead wenger never let him shine. Every time he played for us he scored or assisted pretty much!


Good for him! He was totally wasted on us. Glad to see he’s smashing it.


We know he is good. Only Wenger doesn’t know it.


Lucas watching the NLD. Top guy