Lucas Pérez


I think you’ve missed something in Robincito’s tone there, mate. :wink:



His heart probably says Deportivo but Newcastle will pay more.


Lol at Arséne talk with Benitez :arteta:
Well, the same thing goes for us with Monaco :hipster:



Wenger be like


Only Newcastle can afford him, tbh.


Be great if we could stop being greedy cunts and let him go back to his club. 11M is very good offer for him


Let him go, let him go
Can’t hold him back anymore…


Yeah this is getting beyond now, we clearly aren’t going to use him so just let him go.


His agent said we paid only 14M of € last season and Depor now offer 12.


Newcastle have signed a forward.


he’s not going to score the goals they need, should probably sign a much better one as well


Loan to buy. Lucas only wants to go back to Depor




Always those fucking loans


we want more money for him then what we actually payed for him in the first place, Deportivo aren’t stupid and won’t accept that. We really need to get him of our wage books and should just offer him for whatever they want to pay, it was our mistake in signing him so we should get rid of him, lose a bit of money and just let us and him move on


Really don’t see the point of a loan deal for a player we have no intention of ever being part of our 1st team plans at the age he currently is.


The only clubs who want to buy our players are shit clubs but the only clubs able to afford them are fucking good clubs. Its quite a predicament.


I’d rather just let him fucking go for £5m than loan him, just fucking get rid.

Thoroughly sick of not being able to shift players, especially when they’re decent