Lucas Pérez


I remember we rejected £8m for Joel Campbell a few seasons back and kept him with the squad, only to play him less than 40 mins total in the league before loaning him out in the January window.

He’s still here now, crocked with an ACL injury and a year left on his contract :rofl:


Perez will come back with his hunger index off the charts and hit 40 goals for us in 18/19


Looks like he’s going back to Depor. Hope he enjoyed his year in London :joy:

Least he got a winners medal from it!

Mirror saying we will get 10M for him next summer


Guessing the loan fee is around 5m.


well as long as they eventually buy him I’m not bothered how he goes, just need to make space for other signings


Would rather he were sold as I’m OCD’ing on the need for squad tidiness, but it doesn’t really matter. We’ll just get paid this season and next year too, meanwhile he’s out of the picture and not in contention for the 25.


:joy: I feel you Robincito.


Still a loss but slightly better deal


Lol that photo of him


It’s amazing there is a photo of him in an Arsenal shirt, while actually playing for us.


Come on, get it over with already Arsenal.

I can understand us penny-pinching when buying players and so negotiations drag out till the end of the window, but I never thought selling players would be such a hassle, especially players we don’t want. Just get the deals done and if you lose a little money in the process, so be it. You are after all trying to get rid of unwanted players, and reduce wage bills. Just get it done FFS.


I agree.
We are willing to write off possibly around 100m by letting Sanchez and Ozil to run down their contracts yet are scrimping over a few million for players like Perez and Gibbs.

Wenger clearly made a massive mistake buying Perez so just let him go, get him off the wage bill and try and get a top quality player rather than always looking for “value in the market.”



hopefully it’s with the option to buy, would be pointless to loan him for the year and then bring him back and still not use him


Im guessing that all these purchases that Wenger doesn’t rate and never plays are forced upon him. I’m starting to really think that there’s a tug of war going on internally and Wenger has an idea of how he wants the club run and others from within are interfering with it.


wenger has no right to dictate how the club is run though.


You’re off your tits if you think Wenger is having players forced on him (by who exactly??) and is sticking around just putting up with it.


Probably Gazidis and his Wenger out posse.


Sounds like you’ve given it lots of thought.


Just typical Wenger… panic buy, a purchase that tried to keep the fans’ mouth shut…