Lucas Pérez


Sounds like an agent drumming up something.


Thing I would say with Perez tho is that he’s quite clearly wanting to get out, compared to the apparent situation with say Wilshere or Gibbs, so you’d have to say the onus is on Arsenal to get a deal done and grant him his wish


Big difference between clubs getting rid of cast offs to make room and clubs begrudgingly letting go of their prized assets :thinking:


honestly just accept any offer that comes in for him, we need to get him of our wage books and make room for other players


Well, Chelsea would have also sold that player last month and not dragged it out into the final weeks. If we really need to make space for new players and free up wages we’re hardly on course to make that happen.


Local news stating Newcastle are happy to pay the asking price.

I know he would have probably preferred to go back to Spain but good to see him stay in the PL.

Hope he smashes it at the toon!


Hopefully means we can get someone in…


He is gonna score against us for sure :mustafi:


So we shouldn’t have just accepted the first offer we received for him, Glad that’s been cleared up


Ha wouldn’t bank on that. Wenger has made a point of saying our squad is too big and needs to be trimmed. Selling one player and getting another in doesn’t really achieve that objective.

Unless we send Jenkinson, Debuchy, Campbell and Gibbs on the bus to Newcastle with Perez and call it a friendly gesture :smile:


Wilshere is gonna be like a new signing :hipster:


In an ideal world, I’d prefer to keep Perez and dispose of Walcott instead.

It’s kind of shocking how few chances Perez received last season given that he always seemed to regularly contribute a goal or assist when given the opportunity to start.


Perez might have done that over a period of 9-10 apperiances, Theo has done basically that over a ten year period


Perez overall is a much more complete player, able to contribute to our general play and stylistically much more compatible. What he gives (although a very small sample size) is impressive end product and also superior integration to the system.

Walcott has always been a guy who is involved only with the penultimate or final phase (i.e. the cross or shot on goal). How he has lasted in a Wenger’s squad for ten years is such an anomaly.


Are you saying he’s not prolific enough? I’m not sure about that. There are stats that say quite the opposite tbh. What are your thoughts on Theo’s overall quality tho and his past / future impact on the squad? Others feel free to join in and broaden the discussion


Oh God don’t encourage them. The actual Theo thread is bad enough with that discussion, don’t ruin this one too :see_no_evil:


Why wouldn’t you want to discuss a player who provides a goal or assist in every 120 minutes of play since 1967?


Not sure it’s as black and white with Theo as just his goals and assists, a better parameter might be xG, which looks at key contributions per minute.

Furthermore if you correlate that with his per season injury record (iR), he actually comes out as Very Good. Care to come back on that point?


Assists are a piss poor metric of anything tbh.


I’m sorry for my use of words, but fuck that prolificness talk. When our football was actually of high quality we were able to make another donkey score 24 League goals. That’s what it’s about. Walcott does not add to that.