Lucas Pérez


If Newcastle get him he’s going right into my fantasy team.


He’d be a good fit for the Toon if the two clubs come to a deal. Still a real shame he couldn’t make a longer career out of here, very decent player.


I think he’d be a great signing for them




The funny fact is that Wenger always praise him. Yet he barely plays him.


I hope they get him, I think he’d do really well for them.


I don’t think he will play a lot for them either.


He would be their best striker, tbh.


Think he’d be an instant hit there; they’d do well to aquire him. Already has a season in England under his belt so not much risk involved, cant see us asking for a big fee either.


Plus he scored or assisted in almost every game he played for us. Think he’d be great at Newcastle especially under Benitez.


Pfft who care about that sort of stuff?


We won’t buy before we sell but we’re rejecting fair offers for the likes of Gibbs & Perez :clown_face:


only to be told ‘we tried to sign more players but our squad is very full and we have a lot of qwualitee’ ahhh fuck off already!


We fucked him about over his number, just be the classy club we’re always pretending to be and let him go to a decent club for a fair enough price and pretend we didn’t just waste a year of his life.


Pay whatever price the selling club asks but sell for the first offer we recive, is that what you guys are suggesting?

Pretty sure a lot of people also complain that we always get ripped and sell for too low a price lol


I think 13 to 17m would be fair for him. Alright we wont make a profit but at least we get rid of his wages and free up a squad place.

If Newcastle want him for less than that then he stays.


But but Chelsea always sell their players for way more than they’re worth why can’t we do that??

Newcastle are offerimg fair money why aren’t we accepting, I thought we’re supposed to be some type of classy club??

:joy: I couldn’t even make this up


I’m suggesting that we allow him to move on to a club of his preference instead of making a stand over a million or two. I think we will do that anyway but drawing it out is unnecessary.

I couldn’t give a fuck about Perez, I never did to begin with. However, he conducted himself well when he was called upon and for that we should treat him with respect and as a professional. Which we seemingly didn’t by removing his number without consideration.


Could be the club’s valuation, could be the player’s demands, who are we to know

I’m not in the habit of believing agents at the best of times :eyes:


It just seems petty to quibble over a ‘couple of mill’ when in the grand scheme of things, we really need to bring in far better players and quickly. He’s clearly not in Wenger’s plans so it’s best for everyone involved to move on.