Lucas Pérez


By all means share what you know.


Basically i 'eard Perez proper stuck one on Wenger at London Colney a few months back and their relationship has been strained - to say the least - ever since


Assuming this is true about the shirt, kind of lame on Arsenal. Obviously people sometimes come in and don’t break into the team - that is the nature of top football in particular. Did he deserve more chances? Probably, but in all likelihood he was just a stopgap to help us in an emergency if more than just Welbeck went down…

In general feel bad for him as it does appear he perhaps thought he would be given more of a chance and he wasn’t exactly demonstrably worse than our other options and maybe better.


Tackled him? He did a Kolo on him did he? If he did why is King Kolo allowed to do it and not Prince Perez :cech:


Dick move from Monsieur.


Really weird when all it would’ve taken was, “Hey, Lucas, you’re not in our plans and we’re going to find a move for you, thus we aren’t going to give you a squad number for the coming season.”


I’m not sure what proper stuck one on means. Can you clarify? :smile:


Aww diddums


he got to go to harry potter world, why is he even complaining?


Generally means to hit/strike someone. I suppose in a football context it could be adapted to mean an awful tackle, but in this case, the first explanation I’d think.


Much appreciated!


For a lifestyle point of view he won’t have it better than London.


Indeed. It was allegedly a one inch punch, in the style of Bruce Lee :fist_left:


With all the rain?!


Maybe he was trying to knock some sense into Wenger. Should have known better though. You don’t mess with the Arsene.

Or that was just to get his exit expedited.


Confident that didnt happen lol


Was Perez ever played as the main striker last season? My memory is a little hazy but I think he started maybe 2 or 3 games as the main striker. Don’t remember him doing too badly in those games. Just think he wasn’t given a fair enough chance. If you consider the chances the likes of Theo, Ox, Ramsey etc. have been given. He certainly looks like his technical ability is at par with them, if not higher. If Wenger didn’t think he was good enough as a striker, he could have experimented with him like he did with them and found a place for him. Maybe he tried but it didn’t work out. Who knows. Just get the feeling he probably wasn’t treated fairly.


He started up front in at least one of the league cup games I went to, so that would’ve either been Nottingham Forest away or whoever we got BEAT off of at home in our customary round 4 exit


But we got beaten in the Quarter finals of the League cup, so you may want to rethink the word customary in this instance. He did start upfront in 2 of our 3 league games vs Nottingham, Reading & Southampton though from memory.