Looking to Move out


Should come live in Glasgow :kos2:


Haven’t moved out but I’m only 22. No rush


We ended up in Catford as it was the only place we could really afford that would let us stay in zone 3 with decent transport, but in the year we’ve been here, house prices have gone up a bit, but it doesn’t seem the flats have that much. I think the increase in house prices is because of people flipping them.


Is this you, Luke? :smiley:



So as someone who hasn’t lived in London for 18 years, could I just ask something?

How does an annual TFL pass work and how much does it cost?

Obviously if you live in Zone 2 it’s cheaper to travel in than if you live in Zone 4 so does that mean you have to get a different type of annual pass or what?

I’m just trying to figure out my budget but have been struggling to really find any numbers and details on how much an annual pass costs.

My employer offers a £2,000 interest-free loan to buy your travel pass which then just gets deducted from your monthly salary but I don’t think £2,000 is enough to cover the whole pass is it?


You can’t have looked all that hard mate haha.

I googled “tfl annual travel card” and found this page: https://tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/fares/tube-dlr-lo-fares#on-this-page-0

You then want to select the PDF titled “see all adult caps and travel card prices”

2k will cover it unless you live in a frankly mental place and need it to cover all zones


Good god I’ve even been on that page hahaha no idea how I missed that pdf lol

Many thanks!


2k for travel?! fucking hell!! :joy: London is mental hah


People tend to be paid more in London which can cancel it out (although probably not if you include rent/property and the price of everything else) , but you’ll get no argument from me, it is absolutely fucking mental



2k is more than enough to cover the cost of the travel card. I believe a 1-2 is only about £1200 per year. I say only but I mean within the context of your interest free season ticket loan obviously, haha. Because travel is extortionate.


I pay €3,50 per day for my commute. That times ~300 days per year is around €1000. 1200 pounds is like €1300/1400? It doesn’t seem like that extortionate for a city like london when those are travel cost for a whole year.


I mostly cycle but if I do get a bus to work it’s around €3 each way. And the bus service is shite. I’d be very happy to pay the kind of money being talked here for a comparable transport system to London.


It’s mental. NYC is actually more expensive rent wise, but their weekly travelcard is so cheap and there are no zones. I’m lucky I don’t have to travel into zone 1. That is a killer. Zones 2 and 3 is all I need. Then I pay for zone 1 only on the days I travel through it, which is mostly only when attending Arsenal matches and occasionally on a day off, but only on off-peak times.


High five on the tfl pass @SRCJJ

Lucky enough to work in IT for TFL so get travel paid for. Would absolutely hate to work in Central London without it tbh!


Thanks for the info guys!

Yeah travel is expensive in London, but I do understand why. A city of 9 million people is always going to cause issues in the transport department.

What really gets me is the extortionate rental prices and house prices that are the by-product of nothing but simple greed and gluttony. Usually rich foreign investors and UK baby boomers.


It’d help if houses and flats were actually being built as well. But god forbid generation X seen a decline in their house prices better to bleed the country dry and live it in an irreparable fuck up once they’ve died.

Whilst we have to sit there and listen about how we are the greedy fucks and if we didn’t spend all our money on mobiles phones we’d have enough money to buy a house just like they managed in the 80s.

Edit: and while we’re at it we will charge tens of thousands to now to uni, sell of all our major industries, fuck up public transportation completely, hide behind “good unemployment” statistics due the creation of completely unskilled low level low pay jobs and sprinkle in some unsustainable migration levels for good measure.

Rant over. I’ve moved out since I was 18 btw.



I’m not entirely sure about how it works geographically where you’re from, but in London that means Cristo is essentially paying to be able to travel in quite a small area of London (London stretches out as far as zone 6 and the later zones tend to be areas that aren’t really in London). So I think paying £1300 to travel in such a small area of London is pretty damn expensive.

I live in Zone 2 myself, and I couldn’t fathom having to spend £1300 a year to take a 15 minute train to work and then having to pay more if I want to step out of my zones (which I’d need to do as most of my friends live in SE London, zones 3 and 4.).

Basically zone 1-2 is a really small part of London to the best of my recollection.

And @Midfield_Maestro it’s such a blessing - paying for travel was always my least favourite expense.


thanks for all the replies, really interesting to read through all of them :slight_smile:

going to just save my money until the end of the year and work as many hours as possible, then see what happens from then


Yeah that’s probably not a bad idea mate!

As long as things are ok at home I’m a big proponent of living at home and saving up.

What do you work with?