Looking to Move out

Well I’m 26 now and have been wanting to move out to my own place for ages really, I’ve been working hard and non stop for about 3 years after finally getting into a proper job that has lasted, had jobs in the past and school/college and all that kind of stuff but finally have now settled down.

Lately I’ve been saving my money and thinking about moving out more seriously, have been looking at one bedroom flats to rent and house shares (not really into that idea so much) but I should probably save my money for a bit longer

What ages were you lot when you moved out or if some of you haven’t yet?


23 (30 y/o now)

21 years.

Day after my 24th birthday. I should have stayed a bit longer and saved a bit more money.

I’m currently looking to rent my own place in London but it’s safe to say I’m wanting to save up quite a bit more :rofl:

Technically 14 since I was in school in the UK, while my parents lived in Germany. I moved out the day I left school.

I moved away for uni when I was 18. But bought a flat and moved out of home properly when I was 23.

I’m 28 and still at home. Only viable because my dad and step mum are away for at least half the year, it’s a great opportunity to keep saving because if I was renting in London I have a hard time seeing how I could save anything remotely significant. Instead of renting, for six to eight months a year I can live in a three bedroom house in SE London with my girlfriend and our cat. I do recognise I’m quite privileged in that regard, even if still being at home is not ideal or what I wanted at this age.

Recently met a mortgage advisor with my girlfriend though, by far the most adult shit I’ve ever done. Felt weird.


19 when I moved away for uni then moved back home when I was 23 and moved out again aged 25!

Moving to London in July and weeping at the rents.

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In a few years I’ll be posting pictures of Jakey Baby in Arsenal garms and wondering where the fuck my youth went


Went to uni at 20, moved in with my gfs folks at 24, got a mortgage for our house at 26. Really lucky we could pay fuck all rent and save for those two years, and that I like my in laws (and I think they like me :thinking:)


Moved out of my family home, into a 1 bed flat with then girlfriend at age 18.
Now, aged 55 in 3 bed house with same girlfriend, now wife, desperately trying to move my 2 grown up kids out…


Not the same situation but me and my family moved 4 years ago (I was 19/20) to Thanet, rent got raised and started to become unsustainable and we made the decision to try make this work instead of moving into another expensive house to rent, lived in London all my life and was quite the change, but it worked out well, haven’t really missed it at all.

Here’s in Italy you can’t move out even if you have a work.

how do you mean? sounds like you’re saying you’re forced to live with your mum and dad forever

Low wage and most of the jobs are all temporary.

I have a permanent one now though.

Left at 21 the first time, returned at 23, left again at 26, bought an apartment at 30 and i am 31 now.

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Moved out when I purchased my place at 25 with my Girlfriend, now I’m 32, fuck the last 6-7 years have fucking flown by :neutral_face:.

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Not misundelig at all.

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Yeah they’re event worse than the husleje in KBH.