Looking to Move out


Suppose I’ve not permanently hit the road yet, but I’ve moved around England a bit.

I relocated to East Sussex for university aged 19 and remained studying/working/residing/gallivanting there for about five years all over Brighton really.

I moved back to the family home in London last summer and began working full time in the city until February this year. The nature of my employment meant I’d have to be geographically flexible for contractual placements.

In a week’s notice I relocated again, this time up north to good old Leeds. Now aged 25, there’s every chance I’ll happily remain here for the considerable future.

I’m truly grateful for the whole experience.


LukeTheGooner.feels like ages since I’ve seen you post! Good to see you back buddy!

I was 21, moved to London and lived there for around 10 years and then moved abroad. Dread to even think how much money I’ve paid in rent over the years, but it’s served its purpose as I like to move around a lot.

You should definitely move out though, yes it’s expensive but you can’t put a price on having your “own” personal space.


I was 16 when I left home

But I would say this is stay at home an safe for a deposit for a morgage because it’s a lot harder to safe for one while ur renting a place.


I was 15 when I moved in with my grandmother and then 17 when I moved 3,000 miles away (East to West coast in the US). Then at 26 I moved across the Atlantic to Ireland and then England. Never looked backed.

That said, if I had more supportive parents, I might have stayed closer to home with them or my grandmother to save money to buy. Had I grown up in London, I would’ve stayed until I had a deposit to buy a 1 bed flat. So difficult to get on the property ladder, but once you’re on it, much easier to get another mortgage and move into a bigger place. We just bought our 2 bed flat in Jan 2017 at 35.

When we moved to London we shared a 2 bed flat with another couple and then single people. It was the only way we could afford a nice place and still save a deposit. A share with one other isn’t bad, but I never would’ve done a house share either.

Good luck!


Still saving for a house now with my missus and we live at my parents for the time being. Saving big for a house rather than going down the route of buying a flat. The ‘affordable’ 1-2 bed flats near me are in excess of £400K which is quite disheartening. Move north of London to Hertfordshire or places further from there and you can buy a nice house for roughly that price, given where you look.

Depends on where your work takes you too and if it’s heavily dependent on working in the city. I’ve had enough of London now and dream of living out in the country somewhere.


I can’t fathom £400k. Mine was €200k and the repayments are still financially restrictive.


We went the flat route, but we have a freehold and loft that we’re converting, so it will have plenty of space. We moved from SW to SE London and saved around £250,000 on our flat. And we want to keep the flat when we buy a house. Sadly we couldn’t get a house as they wanted 15% deposit if the the place was over £400k. We probably could’ve gotten a house in this area for around £450k, most are now going for £550k+. But we didn’t have 15% and had a baby on the way, so we opted for the flat.

We learned a lot from this buy. If we use a broker again, we will day, this is our deposit and we only want to know what mortgages we’d get approved for with that. This time round he came back to us with mortgage approval of just under £500k, but he didn’t say it would require a 15% deposit. Once we learned that, we lowered out budget, and after scouring SW London, we took the search to SE London and had success. We didn’t even bother with North. Quite happy here though as it turns our that there is a great support network for new mums, so this past year has been amazing. And we have a lovely park at our doorstep and several more all within a 15-20 min walk.


Hertfordshire is the place to be. I get to walk past cows and sheep on my way to the train station. What more could you want? :sunglasses:


I’d love to move outside of London, but it isn’t always much cheaper when you factor in the cost of the commute into London. My other half works in central London, so easy commute, but costly from many commuting towns. Not to mention neither of us want to travel more than 50 minutes door to door. I’m a teacher, so if I was prepared to change jobs, I can probably find something close.


I pay about £200 per month on commuting and it’s about 1 hour door to door (and more importantly, only half hour on the train to The Emirates :grin: )

I couldn’t afford to buy a house in London (we’ll not one with everything I wanted anyway – decent sized rooms, off street parking, nice garden etc) and I didn’t want to rent, plus i’m a bit of a country girl anyway, so it works for me. Though I totally get why people want to be in London and closer to work.


I don’t pay for travel as my wife works for TFL, so I save a tonne of money on travel and couldn’t possibly justify moving out of London as we’d both have to start paying for travel. Which would bother me so much as I haven’t paid for it for a few years now lol.

We’re looking around the Ilford and Barking area right now for a flat as that’s all we can afford based on what we’ve saved.

We rented out in Stratford for the last couple years. But I’ll be honest, it wasn’t worth it and I wish I’d stayed at home and saved even more.

I’d love to move to SE London as that’s home to me but we can’t afford it so we’ll move out to the Ilford, Barking or Dagenham areas.


Finding it hard to express how much I hate you right now.

Like you, me and my gf desperately want to stay in SE London, but it is literally impossible for us to buy here. Prices are fucking insane.

Were going to be moving out to Essex when we buy. C2C trains in to Fenchurch Street where I work mean the commute won’t be much different despite being many miles further away from central. Will also make sense as well be close to her parents which is important to her, and they’ll be able to help out when we do start a family. She’s got quite a serious chronic illness so having her parents nearby would mean a lot to her.

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the idea of living in Essex though. I’m London born and bred and am used to living in diverse neighbourhoods, living with a bunch of white Tory cunts is going to be some adjustment :giroud3:


Awww man, rare to see this these days


You’ll be fine as long as you don’t say that in any of the local pubs :grin:

But yeah, voting Labour in pretty much any part of Essex is futile unfortunately


Haha when she got the job and told me part of the perks is having a free additional travel I was incredibly happy.

Yeah Essex is one of the more ideal places to move to in my eyes anyway. It’s within reasonable proximity to London and the commute isn’t too bad. I used to see someone who lived in Rainham and I’d catch the c2c to Fenchuch and that journey wasn’t bad at all to be honest with you. If I was moving out of London - it’d be Essex.

The crazy thing is growing up in Woolwich it was always so cheap to rent or buy there but the prices have just shot up over the last few years. I mean I know we’ve got the Crossrail coming but the price rise just isn’t proportionate at all.

But then again we’re the generation the government forgot about so I’m not even surprised.


Yeah it’s a shit show.

All the market data indicate a significant property dip is coming. So that’s something good about Brexit.

Shame I haven’t got a deposit to take advantage of that when it happens haha Need my shares in a volatile Swedish tech company to come through :joy:


Thought this fitted in this thread haha


Any idea when pal? Might hold off buying for a while if a catastrophic dip is incoming haha. Deposit is the one thing we are absolutely sorted on, our problem is more the earning power side of things, which I think is rarer.


I mean give it 6 months or so, it might get really bad around March depending on the Brexit deal we get.

Worst wage stagnation in years, high inflation, weak pound, uncertainty around Brexit etc. are already affecting London.

Lowest mortgage approvals in like a decade, slowest house price growth in about a decade, London house prices on average are already down by about 2-3%. People are starting to get nervous.


I’m so glad I managed to avoid the whole living in London thing once it got time to rent/buy. I’d probably have to get something like 3x my salary to have the same kind of standard of living there.

Putting up with a few Tory cunts is deffo worth it :kos2: