Game raising mid table cunts against us and United

Buttfuck nowhere club will beat them next time again

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Every big club that’s going through a bad phase always raises their level when playing against another big club, no matter how bad they are that season. Especially at home.

We used to do it plenty of times too. I see nothing special here.


That’s all nice and dandy

They’re still game raising scouse cunts

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He lost it. :rofl:

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Hes off

Real for a right winger that isn’t Mbappe? :pires2:
get Mbappe anyway and put him upfront to replace Benzema? :pires2:
Vini - Mbappe - Salah trio? :ooo:

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Salah is too old. Madrid seem to be focusing on younger talent now. Perez is building a new core. Think he missed his chance.


As much as I hate Man United, I derive far greater pleasure from these scouse cunts not being in the CL.

I know I’ll come to despise Newcastle as time goes on, but for now, I thank them for booting the scousers down to the Europa League.

The spine of their great team is ageing or being dismantled. Mane and Firmino gone. VVD isn’t the same. Workhorse midfield of Milner, Henderson and Fabinho is too old now.

Their attack has big potential but that’s the only part of the team that looks like it can compete. Okay they have Becker, who for me is still the best in the world but defence and midfield is in need of a massive overhaul.


Feels like it’s been a long time since one of the big leagues has had 3 different clubs in the champions League from one season to the next.

It’s a boost for the CL because they are a pedigree club in that and we don’t want to play them.
Europa final in Dublin be like a home game for them.

That’s true. What a spectacle that would be.

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Why are people giving Liverpool the Europa League already? The best team on paper doesn’t always win it - because that is not how football works. And we don’t even know what will happen RE: who’ll drop in from CL.


European pedigree always gives them that fear factor/expectation. Will be there or thereabouts unless Klopp doesn’t see it as a priority.


Because Real Madrid always beat them
In Europe and none of us expect Real Madrid to finish 3rd in the champions league group stages.

Nunez with 9 goals and 3 assists in the league this season?


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Will be interesting to see “da BeSt tEaM of aLL TiMe” playing on Thursday nights next season.

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Why do people make an issue of thursday nights though?
Everyone is use too Sunday games.