Who said sack him? I said he could use the break at the end of the season.

Not every coach needs to stay a decade and beyond in a club. I’ve never seen him in this state. Sometimes you should know when to exit.

Football will still welcome him back in a year or two.

This sentence reads strangely when basically no managers stay in a job that long.


And for a good reason.

Klopp is fine, teams will have a down season albeit not necessarily this bad. Most of the stress he’s facing comes from stupid media questions and over expectations based on what he achieved so far. I’m sure the board aren’t even debating sacking him.

Clear as day they need midfielders and they will get them in the summer. Season now is pretty much a write off for them bar the CL.

Wolves had only scored six goals in their last ten PL home games.
So there is clearly more than a loss of form at Liverpool and their next PL game is against Everton.

Think they need new forwards as well, as Salah seems to be hitting a wall. Not sure Klopp has it in him to build a team from scratch though.

I think it’s all down to the midfield mate, strikers are only as good as those feeding them.

Salah might be on the wane a bit but he can’t just create something out of thin air. When they buy two new mids I’m confident that strike force will be fine enough.

Diaz - Nunez - Salah

Jota and gakpo to backup.

I’m actually quite interested in their rebuild and who they go for. Not often these days you get to experience a top team going through that in organic fashion (any chelsea rebuild doesn’t count) under the long term manager. The trend has become to run away and make it the next guys problem.

Klopp snapped at some reporter again post-match. My mates slowly starting to turn on him too. Nice. :rofl:

Edit: LOL, wasn’t even that bad.

I was gonna stay off the Twitter machine but someone begged me to check this out.

Wtf? :rofl:
"More fucking books released than away wins":sob:


Worst in life??
Klopp just gave these mother fuckers too mnch to brag for the past few years and now they are biting back.


I hope they sack Klopp

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Klopp will get next season to put this right but I think the damage has been done. 5 to 10 players need either improving, selling or a kick up the backside. Fabinho, Henderson, Firminho, Thiago, Trent and to a lesser degree Salah, VVD and Allison look shadows of their former selves.

Can’t see them closing the gap on City, we are better positioned and Chelsea will click eventually.


Just 7 months ago he was bigging up his squad, saying they have the best this, the best that, telling us they don’t need a midfielder. :man_shrugging:

The concerning thing for Pool is that the pressing and 1000 crossed are gone. They used to pin teams back with a relentless gegenpress and spam high quality crosses into dangerous areas with Trent and Robertson.

Its all gone. No press, no intensity, no nothing. The player material cant be an excuse becuase he used to to it with Clyne, Lallana, Origi and them man.

Seriously hope these cunts don’t game raise against us for our game at Anfield.

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Klopp is such a petulant cunt that this’ll probably be the end even though it doesn’t have to be.

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Given us and merseyside and what I saw yesterday I bet they do :rage:

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Anfield is always a tough place to play no matter how bad they are at the moment , we haven’t won at Anfield in over a decade in the league .Hopefully we end the drought this season.

There is definitely something more than them needing new players.
Klopp must have lost the dressing room because there is no excuse for getting beaten 3-0 against a relegation club that are the lowest scorers in the the PL.

It would be funny if Klopp got the sack because of pressure on the board from their supporters and they then went from title challengers to top four mediocrity.

They’ve got a derby game against Everton next week, who will be well up for it, so it will be interesting to see how Klopp handles the pressure.

Arsenal, City, United, spurs, Chelsea. Newcastle even. So many clubs in the mix. Getting Top 4 regularly won’t be easy either.