Faith in Technology restored

That’s account verification. I literally just signed up to a charity’s newsletter and there’s no verification in the email I received soon after.



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Fake teeth man won’t say shit about this though…

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I think this is a valid counter point.


Yeah I was trying to type something similar but ultimately that tweet does a better job than I ever could have

Basically VAR has done its job.


I stand corrected.

There’s sites that will give you a temporary email address with an inbox for 15 mins for shit like this.

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Blaming everyone except for Klopp. Higher ups, players, Klopp’s staff, but never Klopp.


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Might be in his best interests to leave on his own accord.

Turning into a Wenger shitshow with him right now. Stress is clearly getting to him too. He aged 5 years since last season. Hair is falling off rapidly, will be bald like Pep within a year. He’s been waffling out of control in his interviews, clearly affected by the situation and seems unable to deal with the criticism coming his way.

Should take a much deserved break and not risk tarnishing his legacy like Arsene did.

Even better to stay and let these things happen.

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Klopp has already had a transplant lol

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Yep, I learned that yesterday. Saw a clip from his last presser yesterday and his hair was barely holding on at the top and he was hiding it by combing whatever was left over it. It was still very visible though.

He looks stressed the fuck out and totally unable to get a tune out of his players. Saw somewhere they had lowest duel success in the PL this season.
Totally out of character for a Klopp team.
Too much backstage drama as well with blame being pointed out to his staff.

It’s a mess.

The lowest scorers in the PL are two up after a few minutes against Liverpool. :grinning:

Hard to tell how much is Klopp’s fault. That squad is 2 years overdue a refresh.

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A refresh that should include the coach.

Seems a bit forward considering they’ve made 3 CL finals, won the league, CL, league cup and FA Cup in the space of the last 4 seasons all while racking up big points totals in losing PL seasons too.

Midifield needs a lot of work, they’ve lost one of their best forwards and everyone is a bit older.

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So he takes credit for all of those, but the players get the criticism for the downfall? Most of those players were part of last season’s success too.

Who told them to keep the midfield unaddressed for so long? Were Gakpo and Nunez that big of a priority? I doubt Klopp doesn’t have a say in it.
Why are they still using the same system that hasn’t been working all season?

Was less than a year ago Klopp was drooling aout his team, having the best this and that.

As I said, for his own sake, he could use the break. He looks an absolute mess himself.

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Lol ok then yeah sack Klopp, you win :expressionless:

Who do they go out and get to take over? And do they just keep the same squad forever and never replace anyone ever again? Do players never get older or worse over time? Are you saying Klopp specifically said to make no more midfield signings? Where is the evidence of this?

They’ve lost Mane, need 2 guys in midfield at least, Nunez hasnt hit yet, Salah is starting to show the signs of going over the hill.

Never said the players get all the blame but at the same time there have been pretty evident holes in the team to play the way Klopp plays. Arteta had the same problem with us to begin with and even Pep needs his guys.