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I think too much cap wearing affects your brain

To me it’s pretty much a given they’ll be in the title race given that City are going to be going through a transition period themselves.

But at the same time I can see them struggling big time if they don’t sign a midfielder. Henderson is finished whilst never being great to begin with, Fabinho is being a little more exposed and Thiago fitness never holds him up for a full season.

They have needed to strengthen the midfield for ages. The team needs a refresh too because they can’t spend the season spamming chances form their full backs that’s what got them looking really predictable and almost labouring to wins at times last year.

VVD has always had issues with his concentration and positioning so now that his body is starting to give way it’ll say a lot about how good he is now if he can’t adjust to being slower on the turn and stuff.

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Ain’t no way he said that.

He did. Fucking hell… :rofl:

Such a moaning cunt. One of the worst sore losers around. Reminds me of Arsène when he was in his prime :see_no_evil:


Of course Fulham are going to do that. They’re not going to slick the pitch up before kick off, and give Liverpool an advantage.


Hahaha fucking unreal

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Jurgen Whinge. Sick of the cunt already.


I truly believe that he was trying to protect his players, just like Mourinho tried to catch the attention and scrutiny from public.

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Liverpool will get relegated if there’s a hosepipe ban

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AMN? That’d be 30m, thank you very much. :wenger2:

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Tielemans to Liverpool.


Wow…that’s a pretty serious hamstring injury. Who can Liverpool bring in?

If you remember, he was heavily linked with them last summer.

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If I was Liverpool, I’d try to get one of Bruno Guimaeres or Joelinton from Newcastle.

Maybe they’ll break the bank for Bellingham?

That’s a parody account