Lisandro Martinez

I thought his finish for the goal was quality, tbh he still had a fair bit to do, did well to get the power and lift on the header.

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haha this is like something from the inbetweeners


“What have I got in my pocket?”

None of The Arsenal front line, that’s for sure, Baggins cunt.


Think this guy is outrageously good btw. Not even remotely upset we’ve ended up with Zinchenko as he’s a master on the ball but I can see why we wanted Lisandro too. Beautiful passing range but also very strong defensively.


Is he good at being tall though?


Been impressed by El Hobbito whenever I’ve watched the manc cunts play but not upset we didn’t get him like with Mudryk. Don’t think we could have gotten anyone better for the role than Zinchenko.


He was great for Argentina

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He may grow a few more inches every morning


All been there Ron.


If you could go back to the summer, who are you signing?

  • Zinchenko
  • Martinez

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Zinchenko is really good, and functions amazingly in our team, couldn’t possibly say Martinez even though he’s also really good.

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Zinny for me too! Absolutely love this guy. Still debating who to get on my shirt…think it’s either Zinny or Odegaard.

As much as I liked Zinchenko, I would’ve gone for Martinez if you gave me a choice, up until recently that is, Zinchenko’s last couple of performances and the character he’s shown have totally won me over.

Appreciate defensively he can be liability but seeing him roaming in midfield with the swagger that he has is mesmerising. His playmaking and vision is truly genius at times. Reminds me a lot of David Silva.

As much as I rated both him and Jesus at City, they’ve genuinely gone over several levels here. The added confidence and trust to be the main guys of this team has made them absolute superstars.

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If we win the league…no, when we win the league I’m getting a Xhaka jersey.

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Martinez is clearly a left sided CB so the comparison is kinda flawed. I’d take Zinc at LB 9/10 times

Although Gabriel he’s been our best and most consistent CB this year, Martinez is a better player with a more extensive passing range and a higher ceiling. Gabriel works really well with Saliba in Arteta’s system so it’s a moot point


I would like to remind everyone that United paid 60m (50+add-ons) while we paid 35 for our guys.

As good as Lisandro has been, he is not a 30m upgrade over Zinchenko. The gap in quality is negligible.

We got Zinchenko for almost half the price and he has been one of our best players & real personality off the pitch.
One of those deals where I am glad we didn’t get our first choice.





Both are fantastic, although assuming Zinchenko can stay healthy his flexibility is just so important for our team.

Is it though? We wanted him as a LB, not a CB. Hence why we pivoted to Zinchenko immediately after we missed out on him.

Which is exactly why I’d always say Zinchenko over Martinez. Martinez is playing well at CB but who knows how he would’ve adapted to the LB role Arteta wanted, meanwhile Zinky was almost doing it already and is better suited to do so imo.

Gabriel is also a beast despite a few early season errors so I’m glad with what we have.

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