Lisandro Martinez

Wonder when they’re turning on him. They’ve looked better defensively with Shaw at CB, which is a bit embarrassing for Maguire and Lisandro.

Wouldn’t be shocked if we see Shaw at CB on Sunday, Malacia at LB and Lisandro at DM.


I fancy Eddie against either of those two hobbits.

That’s very big brain. Huge match, but it would maybe mitigate Casemiro’s suspension.

They suggested the idea on red cafe and slagged it already.

Apparently ETH not played him dm for 4 years so would be a surprise if he does it against the league leaders away.


He’d get eaten alive in our midfield.

“We hates it! We hates it forever!”

Did got mentioned a lot in the summer, but if I remember correctly he only played two or three games there in the last 4 years. He really isn’t a DM. I expect Fred in midfield, or McTominay.

That Martinez goal… “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

Except it didn’t.

Lay off the Pipeweed and get back in your hole.


Thought he was quality for them today, doesn’t matter thankfully


Yeah. He’s definitely class. I was surprised by the lack of SHery today. Almost seemed there was a bit of respect towards us.

Twat really celebrated like a maniac. Fair play, I think he performed well.
In fact, I think Man Utd performed really well overall but they simply couldn’t stand in the way of destiny.


Good player. But he can go fuck himself!!!


He’s a very small man


Smallest and most hobbit like CB I have ever seen. Decent goal tho, although a bit lucky and jammy.


Got to give him, begrudgingly, a smidge of credit for sticking his bonce down where he could have caught a boot in his face. Now fuck off back to Mancland.

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Fuck off you little headband wearing cunt


Yeah he looked really good today. His goal was utter shite though

The goal was quite fortuitous.

He did make a great last ditch tackle in the box when it looked like Xhaka had a great chance to score.

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He was very good today imo, saved united plenty of times and was everywhere at the back.

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Didn’t notice it myself when the game was on but Deeney on MOTD pointed out that the third goal came from his mistake of pretty much handing us an easy throw-in that started the attack.

He even threw the line “you expect better from someone who won the World Cup”. :rofl: