Lisandro Martinez



Another South American

Dutch bros give us the breakdown on this gent

hhmmm does this mean we are actually gonna clear saliba off then?

This would be a superb signing.

He’s an excellent left-footed CB with great ability to build from the back. Can fill in at DM too. Haven’t seen him at left-back much but I’m sure he can.

Sign Lisandro and our defence is set for next season.

Ajax rate him highly and will be reluctant to let him go as they’ve already lost several key players & Ten Hag. Though it should help Lisandro wants the move. I’m excited.


No why would he?

Ornstein says he can cover Tierney aswell? @Bl1nk

Says he plays LB, not Saliba’s position

because he can play at CB too from the tweet…isn’t that gonna tread on his toes? Unless Saliba is right sided can’t remember what side he plays.

No the article explains it all in the tweet :+1:

oh ok then, stand corrected thought Saliba was left also

How much are we going to spend this window?!

Madness has well and truely started @Calum


If we’re recreating the budget Man City, he seems like our Ake. If he can play LB I’m all for it, I just don’t want to go through another season in which our defense falls apart once Tierney gets his annual major injury.

Seems pretty short for a CB at 5’9". How is he in the air?

As Gary Barlow once said.

Just have a little patience :wink:




Ornstein’s athletic update unlocked :closed_lock_with_key:


If we can sign him for under €40m I’ll be over the moon.


Are we really spending £30m+ on purely a back up LCB/LB? I can see most of his sample last season is only at CB

I think Gabriel Magalhaes is in trouble if a better BPD challenges him for the LCB spot


I wonder whether we’d consider selling Holding if this guy comes into the frame. Five CBs isn’t necessarily too much given the number of games we have but Tomiyasu also provides a bit of cover there.

Despite his antics against Spurs, I think Holding still has a decent enough reputation to fetch a decent fee from a club that defends deep a lot.


Intriguing link as well.

He any good?