Ligue 1

Ahhh ok sorry for the confusion!

That’s a sick story for the Reims manager, and what a cool opportunity for Balogun to be an integral part of that!


PSG getting knocked out again

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Ideally it would’ve been Messi or Neymar missing but this could do.

Let’s be honest, Messi, Neymar and Mbappe against Bayern would’ve been nice going forward but a massive liability while defending, Bayern especially were gonna tear them apart.

At least we’ll have goals in this tie.

Shame love the best players playing the biggest matches.

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Kinda puts some doubts around Balogun’s form and whether it would translate to the PL.


Sure, but we should apply the same logic to Messi, Mbappe and Neymar then.

Weird, I don’t remember Balogun scoring a hat-trick in the world cup final, winning 5 CL titles and scoring goals over numerous seasons in La Liga.

Should be 500m minimum fee for him then


What they did in the past is totally irrelevant.
You have your doubts if his numbers will translate in the PL. Well, their numbers haven’t translated in Ligue 1 and they play for the best side in the France by quite some distance.
I can accept Messi and Neymar probably don’t care about it anymore but Mbappe does.

What Balogun is doing in his first season abroad at his age is no small feat with a farmer’s club like Reims.

I doubt Balogun will finish as a top scorer because Mbappe will go on a rampage once he’s fit again but you have to give some kudos to the kid for putting out such great numbers.

No it’s not, it’s evidence of their ability to score and be productive players in a much greater sample size.

This is not about not giving kudos for a young guy scoring goals, it’s just a suggestion that these goals may not be evidence of him being able to do the same elsewhere.

Your use of Neymar, Messi and Mbappe was an extreme example which doesn’t actually hold up anyway.


Don’t deflect. You still haven’t explained why their numbers haven’t translated in Ligue 1 when they’re playing for the best team in the country by some distance.

Guy has never had a full season under him at a senior level, went to Ligue 1 playing for a team that was one of the favourites to be relegated and he’s helped them stay around mid-table and they’re actually closer to the Top 3 than the relegation zone at the moment.

I’m not saying Balogun is better than Messi, Neymar or Mbappe. Of course he is not, but what he’s doing is very impressive.

I’m not deflecting, just saying that having only played in Ligue 1 could create some doubts as to whether his form would translate to the PL considering Laca wasn’t a big scorer and has gone back there this season and scoring a lot.

You then said, we should apply the same logic to Messi, Mbappe and Neymar aka three of the games very best players.

I’m now saying that is stupid because they all have significant sample sizes to judge their effectiveness on. One poor season is less relevant to them because of the sample size outside of that.

Balogun in his first year as a starter vs those three is just never a relevant discussion to have in almost any context.

I haven’t even said Balogun isn’t doing well, it’s very impressive and I’ve said that numerous times but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate if he comes back here. It also might but neither of us know and speculation is a core part of the forum.

Seems like you’re creating a disagreement really put of nothing lol


To be honest, I don’t know what’s wrong with what he did. It’s well known he likes his poker and eating a burger won’t kill him, lol.

If a colleague told me what to do on a day off I’d tell him to go fuck himself too


Not even like it’s a picture of him chomping on 4 burgers. He could have just been having one of their delightful coffees.


Not exactly the Tuesday club is it.

Jose Mourinho to PSG stories surfacing seems like he wants to get back to spending billions again.

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I’ve just seen them. Interesting.
Campos is a fan of course so I’m not that shocked he’s considering him if Galtier goes. Zidane has to be as well after he didn’t take over Deschamps and a Madrid return not looking likely at the moment.

Mou is definitely going in the summer.
Have no idea what’s going on with Roma financially but they’ve been such misers the past 18 months.
I don’t think Mou has any interest lingering in Top 4-6 battles in Italy going forward.
Would have expected him to prioritize a PL or Madrid return though.

I guess the proposition of managing Mbappe, winning PSG their first UCL and himself becoming the first manager to win it with 3 different clubs is very attractive.


can this guy just stfu and leave PSG already, let it be a playground for famous players with less ambition than you, you fuck off south to Madrid or w/e

Thierry on the Neymar’s photo at McDonald’s

‘His friends posted it…’

“With friends like that, you don’t need enemies”