Ligue 1

Not as much as we are.


Lacazette vs Pepe and Ramsey

Nice currently lead with a Pepe penalty to nil.



Lacazette penalty
Pepe penalty


PSG losing 3-1 against Lens

Am I seeing that right?

You are, me duck

Like it’s gonna make any difference. Nobody really gives a shit about PSG. The fact they’ve actually botched a one-horse race multiple times already says a lot.

Neymar and Messi didn’t play but you’d still expect better from PSG

#4 behind Ney, Mbappe and Messi.

How long do we give before Guendouzi moves to a big club again?
I really don’t want him back in the PL unless it’s for us. That level of shithousing will drive me nuts.

Gonzo is my new lost son :sob: (after Cesc)

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Nine managers sacked already! Ligue 1 is crazy.

We have Just Eat League, now we have Pay The Cash club.

Reims are fined £22,000-per-game every time they play under their manager Will Still, due to him not having his pro licence yet.

He got into management because of his love for Football Manager and has only just turned 30. He’s 5 years younger than Lionel Messi.

They are currently unbeaten in 12 league games under him and drew 1-1 away at PSG last night.

Unbelievable! :joy::clap:t2:


Do you mean Montpellier?


Well Montpellier just drew 1-1 with PSG last night according to those Mbappe penalties above you


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Oh… that was posted after the PSG Reims game when Balogun scored the equaliser. Sorry for the confusion.

By the way, PSG won 3-1 against Montpellier last night