Leno Gang vs Emi Gang Tracker

Poll Link - Emiliano Martinez + baklava

So far

Leno Gang 0
Emi Gang 1

29th Sep

Leno Gang 0
Emi Gang 2

1st Oct

Leno Gang 3 (MOM & Penalty save)
Emi Gang 2

18th Oct

Leno Gang 3
Emi Gang 2.5 (cleansheet versus Leicester)

#MaceyNation deserves some acknowledgement


I’m pretty sure the Leno gang won this the minute Emi found his sentimental ass sold to Villa.

Why does Emi have a point? He lost the battle to be our no1!

Saved a penalty, something I don’t remember any Arsenal keeper do since Szczesny’s save against Liverpool.

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Where’s the poll then?

Pretty sure Leno saved one last season

^^ Can’t recall

I abstained from a vote but I’m confused, why does Emi have 1 point when he’s trailing in the poll to Leno with 41%?

Trailing no more.

The poll is the gang membership.

Points is the validation of said gang being ahead.
Emi saved a penalty so he gets a point.

Leno also saved a penalty. It was against Southampton last season. They scored the rebound, but he saved the original penalty.

This thread is stupid af.


You think we don’t know @Castiel

Tracker is only for this season.

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OK. Emi saved a penalty. Leno is the unquestioned Arsenal number 1.

Emi - 1
Leno - 54,521,456

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Got lazy there

Still better than one of your memes.

I’m in the Pope parade

Love the thread Trion, Emi Gang needs the results of that poll in an easy to find place for each time our boy scores another point.

Thank you.


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