Leicester City


Wins the league before Wenger and leaves before Wenger.


Has he definitely been sacked though? Only the Daily Mail are reporting it at the moment. Do they have a hotline to Ranieri?


WHAT. What the actual fuck. Who do they actually think they are?! Disgraceful. Absolutely fucking disgraceful.


I think it’s true just heard it on BEIN sports.


That’s unfair if it’s true.
They should at least let him continue as long as they are in the CL.
There’s obviously something wrong behind the scenes between him and the players.


You reckon? Or is it that their decision makers just got suckered into their own hype and now expect winning every season?


He’s been sacked but I’d still take his last 2 seasons over ours lol. Won the league and actually in a champions league tie after a round of 16 1st leg.


The chances of they getting someone better or at least equal to him are quite slim.

They’ll probably end up with an English hoofball specialist.


Imagine the scenes if it was Neville. SCENES I TELL YA.


Alan Pardew is a available :joy:

John Carver is now available too.
(How did this clown get another job anyway)


Give it Giggsay till the end of season.


Why winning it? They’re deep in a relegation fight and if he doesn’t seem to be the right person to bring them out of their problems it’s the right decision to sack him. As much as it hurts but they’ve looked awful all season.


Hard to put into words how pathetic this is. Not even my club and I’m angry about it :laughing:

In a relegation fight with several other sides worse than them. The Club that kept faith with Pearson correctly. The Club that backed Ranieri a fortnight ago.

Was football always like this and I just didn’t notice?




I hope they get relegated never seen a club believe their own hype quite the way they have. I mean sure they had a lot of be proud of but take it for what it was, ie. one of the most remarkable yet unlikely events in the history of football.

Absolutely no reason to believe they somehow are now some sort of titan of English football.


One year ago he beat City away, now he got sacked. That’s football.


They don’t need someone better, just someone different.

Whatever way you dress it up, whatever he did last season, being 1 point above relegation at the end of February is diabolical.

You could cut him some slack if they were just having a shit season and were sat around 13th-14th without looking like they’d finish any higher but not likely to go down, but take out the nostalgia of “he won us the title” away, then if you don’t sack a manager for this, what do you sack them for?

Him leading the team to those heights only highlights by how much he’s lost them this year. It’s not like they’re playing good football and getting unlucky. They’re shit and it doesn’t look he’s anywhere near turning it around.

And I’m going to guess if he gets them relegated and kept his job, he’s not going to show them the same loyalty by sticking around to manager a Championship club for 5 years if he has a better offer elsewhere. This is business.


I can’t honestly say I give a fuck one way or another. Usually I think teams are stupid for this but I guess I’m still bitter about last season. :grin:


It is ridiculous. The fans were not even calling for it. Even if they don’t get relegated this season (they will) they’ll go down within the next couple of years anyway. But at least if they kept hold of him they’d look decent and grateful! Knobheads.


Incredible, two seasons in a row that the PL defending champions sack their manager. the following season Has such a thing like this happened before in the top flight?

Feel for Raneri, such a top bloke, last year was a total fairytale. He finally got his moment in the sun. Unfortunately this season hasn’t worked out so well. But it feels like player power has won through again and it feels like a disgrace. Terrible really.

Gary Lineker’s summed it up well.