Leicester City


Tbh, you are spot on. :slight_smile:


If anything sums up modern football, it’s this.


But he had offers to goto bigger clubs after the title win and showed loyalty to them when the following season was always going to be less successful. I think Ranieri’s demonstrated loyalty, whereas the club have royally shafted him. I think winning a title as extreme outsiders buys you at least a free season after that. Also there’s 7 or 8 teams in this relegation fight, far from certain that Leicester are destined for the drop.

What I’m saying is there has to be something about the modern ‘business’ that is top flight football that keeps the emotional connection for the fans. If I were a Leicester fan, this would now be forever connected to the title win as a sour aftertaste.


Mental decision, absolutely mental. Who on earth do they think they’re getting who’s going to do a better job than him?


I’m happy.

Yes because I hated him and the fucking Leicester since the start of the season. I hated them more than you because the fucking italians which supported them make me much angry than the same Leicester which won the title against us.

Ranieri is stupid because trusted to save the season confirming people like Huth, Morgan, Fuchs, Simpson, Albrighton, the cunt on attack with the number nine. :joy:

However, Kante knows. :joy:


Pure disgrace.
They are still in the CL and have a realistic chance to advance to quarter final.
With limited resources Ranieri chose to give a good fight in the CL and they did. In the league it is way too early to say they will relegate.
What kind of fucking management is that??


It will be interesting to see if Leicester start climbing the league.
If they do it shows there was clearly a problem between him and the players and it will also prove that some players need to have a good look at themselves if they can’r be bothered to play for a certain manager.

If you’re earning more 50k a week paid for by the supporters, the least you can do is try your best, whoever the manager is.


If Leicester had finished 17th last season, he’d still have his job now.


I think Leicester might start doing better now. But my word that’s a pretty arrogant and classless sacking.


Apparently that’s the main reason he’s gone, he’s lost the dressing room and the players aren’t playing for him anymore which has been obvious for a while.

Sad state of affairs.


Surely this cannot be true. Why would they refuse to play for the man who won them the league title?


They just won it last season, and they are having a good run in the CL
Not enough evidence Ranieri had lost the dressing room


Its been reported recently that he has become withdrawn from he players and they were beginning to questions his tactics and methods which were growing erratic to say the least.

You could say their abject performances are evidence enough, plus there have been reports about it also.


The players decided last season that Ranieri was a manager worth playing for.

Why not anymore? Players should shoulder the majority of the blame here. I agree that obviously you can’t boot out a load of players in the same way you can change the guy at the top. It’s just a sad state of affairs, however much the realists will remind you about the money and the balance sheets.


Offer Ranieri a two year deal in the summer. He’ll win us the league then we can sack him for someone better and he’ll get a nice little payoff with a year left on his contract. Everyone’s a winner.


Mancini is favourite to take over. He was linked with us not that long ago! Doubt he’ll fancy managing in the Championship. Owen Coyle is more their level.


Less successful but his first touch of the CL for 5 years. For a coach it’s still a decent opportunity and he signed a new deal so he probably got a pretty penny too. I doubt he was being offered top jobs either so I don’t really class it as loyalty when it’s a choice between two good things.

I think most on here were agreed that Leicester would dip massively but were predicting a finish from 7th-11th, not to be sitting in 17th going into March. Even if they pull it back now the best they’re looking at is 16th, maybe 15th if they’re lucky.

I’ve been looking at Leicester all season thinking they’ll surely turn it around and go on a half decent run, Vardy will hit some goalscoring form, Mahrez will do a Mahrez at some stage and we’re nearly in March and it’s not happened and to me it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. They’ve been weak all season but IMO they’re worse in February than they were a few months ago so if they’re on a downward trajectory I can see why the higher-ups would want a change.

It is the players fault but that’s not going to be any comfort to anyone if they get relegated. They’re good enough to stay up and all they need is an injection of something new and Ranieri clearly isn’t offering that. They’ve got 1 win in their last 10 league games which isn’t good enough and now we know that there is quality in that team there’s no way the coach ever keeps his job in that scenario.


Do you think they could beat us to Allegri? :santi:


Given that we’ll be appointing Steve Bould, absolutely :grinning:


aaawwww don’t that makes me sad…also a little queasy :gabriel: