Leicester City




Ok Mahrez you got the car now you can sign for us please?


I hope Leicester beat united tomorrow


Lucky boys. I wish i was them :smiley:


It would be funny if he drove down here in that car, and then signed his contract to play for us, on the dashboard.

It would be even funnier if he got Vardy to drive him, so he could read the contract on the journey.


They don’t look quite as in control without Kante.


2 losses in 4 games. They only had 3 losses all of last season.

I think the honeymoon is over.


Maybe they will be the first team to be in the Champions League and relegate in the same season.


whatever happens to them this season nothing can ever take away winning the league, doubt they will get relegated though


Good show last night…I’ve seen us do worse against worse competition in the CL. Going to be tough to watch Vardy and not think about what he could have brought to our team. Even when he’s not scoring he’s never hiding.


The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We were never really in for Vardy. Just speculations.


I think Villareal already did that back in 11/12.


So we didn’t activate his release clause???


We were never in for Mahrez, I think it’s been made public by all parties that we were in for Jamie Vardy. No?


Lol we were. We met his release clause.Vardy has even talked about turning down arsenal!


Give it time. The midweek games will catch up with them and league points will be dropped all over the place.


To be fair, they played pretty good in their first CL game.


I think you’re right.
I would imagine Ranieri might prioritise the CL this season, simply because they aren’t going to get a top four place this one.

If they put out reserve teams in the FA Cup and League Cup, then they can go for the CL, and a reasonable place in the PL.

Personally I think they will struggle to get in the top eight or so places, but I hope they do well in the CL.


Really? I thought he just played down the rumours about him leaving Leicester.


@Luca_from_Italy :slight_smile: