Leicester City


They said on this weeks football weekly they a player with a famous dad is the source that the Leicester squad hate ranieri, that’s what got me thinking about signing him


Another defeat on their travels. Tonight’s results mean they’re now just two points clear of the drop. They’re slowly getting dragged into the battle.

Man City are the last team to get relegated from the top flight as champions, and that was 1938…


Leicester getting relegated is definitely a campaign I can get behind. Let’s see if Vardy still thinks Leicester are on the up when they’re playing in the Championship v Scunthorpe.


they will sell Vardy and Mahrez though then, because they wont be able to afford them in the championship!


Of course they will.one season paying two lads 100k apiece won’t bankrupt them.


if they go down there is no guarantee they will come straight back up though…and they have a LOT of players on high wages now and they have very limited income.


They have a pretty wealthy owner


Retract those claws this instant madam. :open_mouth:


Ironic that over 15 months later, that light hearted comment he made towards Chelsea at the time, might come back to bite him come May with Leicester :poldi:


He is specialist in these things. Do you rembember what he said when Leicester appointed Ranieri? :poldi:


Full expect a mass clear out come the summer, expect Vardy and Mahrez to go . Ranieri clearly has to deal with some of these players who’s ego’s have grown since that title win (Vardy and his missus I’m sure egos have grown with film talk and shit) and probably aren’t as hungry as they were last season. I also think teams have caught up on how to play their style. They are definitely one season wonders but to be fighting relegation I didn’t expect that, was expect top 10 for them. Kante has been a big miss for them and Ranieri new signings haven’t been good enough.


They should have cashed in on half the squad last summer while it had some value. Sounds odd saying it about a team who had just won the league, but they could have used the money to upgrade. Aside from a few exceptions, a lot of that squad are Championship level at best, cough… Wes Morgan …cough.


We lost the league to this team :pensive:


Everyone lost the league to the this team. We however, were the only team to beat them home and away.

They were deservedly the best in all of England tbh.


To make it even worse, despite coming second it was Spurs who were their closest competitors for the league. We weren’t even in a title race last summer post February or whatever the fuck.

Last season is now the biggest reason why I can’t believe anyone would think Wenger could win us the league again. Only team to earn home and away victories against them yet we finished ten fucking points behind Leicester fucking City.


It’s funny that Vardy turned us down to play in the CL with Leicester, and next seasons he might be playing in the Championship with them.

From playing in a competition with the likes of Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid to a league with Burton, Birmingham and Rotherham.

Even funnier would be if they won the CL, next season they could be playing all those clubs.


Nicely done. :slight_smile:


I’d move for Gray. Quality winger.


LC would have to drop another level before they grace the New York Stadium, though.