Leicester City

Well, 22-23 is reviewed, and nothing happened.
We will, at worst, finish third in the league and in the CL quarterfinals. That would boost our revenue. We should be safe for 23-24.

For 24-25, any purchase we should be able to offset with players we will offload.

You might be right because it’s strange a well organised and astute club would deliberately break FFP rules, knowing they could get punished, unless they didn’t care and did it anyway.

Man City are are dodgy, which is hardly unique among top European clubs so, although there might be a points deduction, it seems unlikely they’ll relegated even if they do deserve it.

I think the FA? or whomever is charging them is taking a risk here. If City get off scott free then their legitimacy comes into question as a regulatory body. Smaller clubs should feel hard done while financially big clubs like City get away with it.

It will also incentivize other clubs to break FFP rules.

An example has to be made or else the legitimacy of FFP as well as the entire football league frankly will come into question.

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Leicester are really gonna bottle getting promoted aren’t they?

Yeah, big game on Monday v an in-form Norwich.

They had plentiful chances today. Vardy was just shit.

C’mon Tractor Boys, can go top later!


They’re going to do what West Ham did in 2012, be cruising and then finish third. That cost me 2 grand. I’m totally over it though, as you can tell.

Wolves in 2002 was worse.

West Midlands bastards.

Put a bet on Leeds to win the title a couple of weeks ago, saw the schedules and can’t see how Leicester hold on.

Leeds have an easy path and well in form.

Some of us bet on Leeds ages ago when odds were favourable :sunglasses:


Got them at 3.00 (2/1) which was better than I expected at the time.

absolutely convinced Leicester are throwing the league on purpose

These pricks are about to bust two accumulators before the 3pm kick offs.

1 each

Good goal

I miss these gems from SRCJJ. Have to agree it’s a shit hole. Please come back lol


2-1 Leicester.

Well deserved.



The race for automatic promotion heats up yet again.