Leicester City


Horrible stuff

Reminds you football and all this hype is still just over kicking a ball.



Brings back memories of Michael Harding this. Horrible end for someone who played his part in making a wonderful chapter in English football history.


what bothers me so much though is the fact that the chopper was almost brand new, there shouldnt be such a terrible failure like that to a chopper that is 2 years old, did the pilots not do the checks properly Iis the aircraft inherently faulty or a design flaw which is is gonna end up with a lot of recalls. It just doesnt add up to me that a new aircraft just catastropically fails like that.


Absolutely awful news :frowning: RIP.


It could have been a bird. Not that the why really matters.


Lovely words from Schmeichel

And I saw this in the responses. :pensive:


R.I.P. to those who died, and condolences to all the others affected by this. I still remember the Busby Babes air crash of sixty years ago and though the numbers are different, yesterday’s event is no less a tragedy. Sounds like the chairman was quite a guy.


This is absolutely tragic. An outstanding chairman for the club by the looks of things. No doubt will be greatly missed. RIP.


That was only 22years ago last week.

Rip to everyone who lost their lives last night.


Really tragic and it happened so suddenly.

Makes you realize that death can come anything.


Was hoping against hope that there would be no casualties, basically hoping for a miracle. There is no doubt that Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha will never be forgotten in LCFC or the city of Leicester.

My deepest condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives in this tragedy. RIP.


Not that it’s much of a surprise after seeing the pictures after it happened but that’s horrible news. RIP.


How very horrible, what a loss.


Terrible, awful.



Awful stuff, there was always that little glimmer of hope that this wasn’t to have a tragic ending but the longer it went on without any updates you got the feeling it wasn’t going to happen.

Condolences to all the people aboard the Helicopter and condolences to Leicester fans.

The foxes badge posted above really hits it home and makes this every bit more saddening.


Their League Cup game has been postponed. Maybe their league game as well.




He sounded like a great person.


Absolutely horrible news. Was a very negative weekend for football with the Hoddle news too.


He is the complete opposite of owners like Ashley at Newcastle who tried to ingratiate himself with the supporters but failed because he took their money and gave nothing back.

What Srivaddhanaprabha did, that was different to most club owners, was that he gave his own time and money to help people in the local community and this endeared himself to them.
It also made a big difference that he supported the club as well as owning it.