Leicester City


We know roughly who was on board. It was Vichai, his daughter, two pilots and an unnamed person.


Claude Puel?



I’m assuming everyone on board has died and it’s a question of ascertaining exactly who was on board and ensuring their loved ones are first to know.

Absolutely tragic.


Any official news?


He wasn’t on board according to a friend of his.


All the statements mention the people ‘on board’- maybe people on the ground? Could be trying to identify them and contact families before releasing figures. Horrible stuff.


I don’t think there’s another owner in world football who compares :frowning:


So the BBC are confirming he was on board, but no confirmation of whether anyone survived or not.

Or is it just a given they didn’t?

Not good either way.


Yeah, no news is bad news unfortunately in this case. Otherwise, I’m sure we would have heard of x, y, or z being transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital where they are considered critical, etc etc.

When we scratch away the surface, him being a chairman, the philanthropy, the success, the tragedy is unimaginable. He’s a fan who has gone to a football match. It’s incomprehensible what could have been going through their heads in the final few seconds before the crash. You don’t go to a football match and not return home. You just don’t.



R.I.P. :frowning:


:disappointed: horrible death. RIP to everyone on the helicopter






Tragic update


It’s a shame that it takes a tragedy before people learn just how good a person was. I knew pretty little about the stuff he has done at Leicester football club and in the local area before now.


Really tough time for Leicester City, such a tragedy :cry:.


RIP to all aboard the helicopter x


wow that really is sad R.I.P to all involved