Leicester City


Extremely tragic but the legacy of good men will always live on. He’ll forever be remembered by LCFC, what they achieved under his ownership is nothing short of remarkable.



I couldn’t bring myself to drive past the stadium this morning on the way to work. It still feels unreal. I think the BBC summed it up nicely as the end of a fairytale for Leicester City and that’s genuinely what it feels like.

From the bright, summery, feel-good factor the city had in May 2016 to the cold, bleak, tragedy that has befallen Leicester. It’s a uniquely acute tragedy for fans of Leicester City and members of the wider Leicester community


Hmmm the BBC are in a bit of hot water with Leicester at the moment. Their sports editor, Dan Roan, has been caught on camera outside the King Power laughing and saying the woman on board the helicopter was the chairman’s mistress


That’s what I thought as well :slight_smile:


Those classy folks over at the sun have released footage of the helicopter taking off and going down…

Asking nicely that no one posts it here.


Fucking scum cunts. Why would anyone want to watch that.


On the complete other end of the spectrum quite a nice tribute from David Squires.


That’s one thing that’s absolurely true - he seemed motivated by a genuine love for the game. Regular attendance at home games, active interest in the local community and genuinely made good decisions for the future of the club.

Going to give that article a read but it’s no surprise the Guardian come out with something great yet again. The quality of journalism on the football side is real high.


Haven’t seen the footage nor do I want to but have read a description and from what it sounds like, sounds as though its filmed by somebody from inside the stadium who’s obviously sold it to the Sun which is disgusting. I hope that they (Leicester) are able to take some sort of action against that person for selling it as it wouldn’t be too difficult to find out from their own cctv who it was I’d guess.





Classy and dignified.
Great job.


Who else lost their lives apart from Leicester owner?


Suppose we can’t afford him as he isn’t available on loan :joy:


Was touted as a huge talent before his move to Monaco.

Always been a bit of a beast for me on FM too :joy:


But i think he hasn’t done well at Monaco.


Monaco is a bit of a mess right now. Not sure he ever really got situated there. Slick bit business from Leicester if true. They can always sell him on.




Bummer maybe we can hijack it?


Just get him in summer