Leicester City


It’s more our level so I don’t mind if we do. I want us to take it seriously if we are in it as our European record is piss poor so we shouldn’t think we are above the competition.


I want us to play in the Europa League. A competition we have a chance of winning. Sounds refreshing, to be honest.


From hero to zero :wink:


You reckon? There are more games in the EL and it’s more difficult than it looks!

I get what people are saying in regard to it’ll be nice to have a chance, and of course I’d watch us and support us if we did find ourselves in it. But the aim should always be to be the best not just average - the best teams want to - and do - play in the Champions League.


The best teams want to win the champions League. We dont give ourselves a chance of doing that because we refuse to invest enough to compete at this level.
Weve been humiliated enough under Wenger for me too care anymore.


I don’t think it would be easy, but it would undeniably be different. Of course to ultimately clinch it you do have to go up against some very good sides, likely from Spain or Germany, but I would find it more interesting than the zombie Champions League campaigns we’ve been having. And mind you, I didn’t let my Champions League bubble pop until the second 5-1 at Bayern.

I always want the best for Arsenal and prestige-wise the Champions League is of course far superior to the Europa. Like you said, it’s where the best perform. But for whatever reasons (not relevant to this discussion) it’s patently clear that we are not at the same level as the best, often we fall embarrassingly short. From a fan’s perspective I’d like to see us scrap it with some teams perhaps a little closer to our weight-category at this point in time.


Exactly how I feel. The Bayern embarrassment was just the final nail in the coffin and proof we are slipping further behind rather than closing the gap.


When they got promoted they probably had the (long term) target to become a stable Premier League club. Relegation doesn’t help with that. They should have forgotten that target because of an absolute outlier?

They made history, obviously, but that is what it is now: history.


Everyone cried over Ranieri lol. They done the right thing.


They could’ve easily pulled out a similar performance like this with Ranieri, if they’d exactly bothered to give it their all sooner. It’s easy to forget they beat Man City quite comfortably at home before Christmas Suddenly they found themselves in the relegation zone pre match and all the recent backlash, they really had to do something about it. Liverpool have been out of sorts so far in 2017 so it was a fairly ideal game for Leicester.

The away goal in Seville saw a bit of fight coming back to the team. At the very least they should’ve kept Claudio until the CL was over, he deserved to see that through.

One game post Ranieri isn’t enough at this stage whether this is a turning point for them or not, but either way, it’s so typical to put out a performance like this when you suddenly have to.




Bunch of utter fuckknuckles…from everyones fave 2nd team last season to the most detested this season.

Clear they refused to play for him in anything other than the CL games (which they wanted to win), and lost the hunger for a season long fight in the Prem and got fat on success (especially Morgan who looks like he spent the whole of summer boozing on a beach).

Hope they all get face Aids and still get relegated…



Think it’s disgusting that professional football players continue to get away with stuff like this. I understand if players lose faith in a managers ability because what he’s suggesting just isn’t working anymore. But it’s clear as day what Ranieri wanted from his players was working and the evidence is there for all to see with the performance last night.



Not suited for Liverpool or England (though I thought he would be to begin with) but I’d definitely be interested in Hodgson for any club in the bottom 10.


“Not playing for the manager anymore” is high on my list of most pathetic excuses in football, and yes there is a list.

As several ex-pros have come out and said this week, even if you don’t like your manager anymore, there’s still such a thing as professional pride, playing for your teammates, the supporters and the club itself.

So that’s why it looks so obvious what’s happened with these snakes (I imagine the ringleaders are probably some of Vardy, Drinkwater, King, Morgan, Simpson, Fuchs, Schmeichel) and they deserve relegation off the back of it, but of course their squad is too good for that and the Thai owner will be proven ‘right’ now the pricks start trying again. Another horrible indictment of player power


You know what though, when i see the amount of dickheads in our team that should be doing far better and they all ‘admit we have let the manager down’ why is it they never fucking improve is it because secretly they are in limbo because they dont respect our manager enough to try harder, but at the same time know they have a pushover that never gets mad and never really benches them for being shit and they have top wages to boot. I reckon a lot of our squad are guilty of ‘player power’ but they are more subtle about it.


If the vast amount of money they earn, as well as the thousands of supporters that pay their wages isn’t enough to motivate them, then they should be ashamed of themselves.

It just shows how pampered and self obsessed footballers have become.

They are a disgrace to football and their club.


Play Hull this weekend at home. Win that and there probably safe imo.
Then with a good shot of winning Seville in the second leg to come.
Game moves very fast and fans with it. Wouldnt get to hung up on the high moral ground here boys.