Leicester City




cunt owners


I’d hope Ranieri’s letter would make those owners crawl back under their rock. Cunts.


One of the reasons that football disappointments me so much. No loyalty. Raneiri getting sacked is shocking. The board needed to back him, ungrateful cunts.


Man I hope they get relegated now. This plus watching Vardy slink his way back to the Championship will be very satisfying.


Leicester are in bottom 3 now too, they need to beat Liverpool to get out of it. As much as I hate Leicester right now, I hope they do it, from a selfish point of view - don’t want to be seeing Arsenal in 5th place!


Anyone else buying the gushing praise coming from the likes of Vardy, Drinkwater and whoever else towards their now vanquished former leader?

Nope, me neither. Of course there was a player revolt, these idiots egos have probably swollen so much since the title win that they decided anything Ranieri wanted to change to try and steady the ship this season was a personal affront to them.

Are they down yet? C’mon Liverpool!


Really couldn’t give a fuck where we are in February. Plus we aren’t winning the league so meh hope Liverpool batter them.


Well it’ll be March when we next play… and yes I know we are not winning the league. Chelsea have that. Was more thinking of the top 4.


Fuck top four.


Fuck you. Who wants to play in the Europa League?!


Who wants to play in the Champions League under Wenger anymore. Which is exactly what will happen if we meet our basic bitch goals this season like we do every season.


Oooh, get you. So up to date.


Fucking beats this boring as fuck CL schedule of qualify for it. Finish 2nd in the group get Bayern/Barcelona in the round of 16 and get knocked out :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Actually beginning to hate watching us in the CL.


Yeah I get that. I want change too, but my point is, who WANTS to play in the Europa League? No one wants that.


Who wants to play on Thursday nights.


Meh I really don’t care where we finish. Wenger has sickened me of us in the CL we never do anything in it just a massive waste of time. We just want the taking part £££ :sleeping:


Yeah but that is an anti Wenger stance. From a football stance, you don’t want to play on a Thursday night. I certainty don’t anyway, that’s press day for me at work, would never get to the match or home in time for that!


Maybe Vardy’s new film could be called From Champions League to Championship.


Historically a Scum team with very scum fans but i liked raneiri and as long as it wasnt another team that was fine.
I shall be rooting for everyone who plays them starting with liverpool tonight.