Leicester City


he snubbed us as he knew he wasn’t good enough - one season wonder

jamie vardy not having a party anymore :slight_smile:


Exactly. Did their owner really think to repeat another season like this?


Gary Lineker isnt innocent in all this , hes been slagging him off of late !



I don’t understand at all why people are in outrage over this.

The players have revolted against him it’s as simple as that. It’s no different at all to Mourinho leaving Chelsea IT HAD to be done as there was no possible way of turning it around.

The players are better than the position they are in. Under ranieri they will get relegated. Bring in a new manager and they can salvage something. There is no salvation from sticking with ranieri.

People enjoy being offended and outraged too much to see the obvious. Reminds me of the great Nigel Atkins getting sacked by Southampton.


Are they though? Last season was a freak season, take that away and they’re performing pretty much how everyone would expect. They’re certainly a bottom half team. And aside from Mahrez, the players are pretty poor, they have been so bad this season!


Very little outrage at Mourinho last season, both Swansea’s sackings, Hull’s sacking, Palace’s sacking so far this season.

Either this is a team that overperformed and are really relegation strugglers, in which case it’s normal to make a change at this stage if it’s not working to avoid relegation (like Hull, Swansea etc.) or they’re not relegation candidates at all and they are massively underperforming, in which case, the coach probably gets sacked.

I can’t believe the nostalgia behind he deserved to get them relegated because he won the title. As if in 2 years when they’re in the Championship they’ll be glad they stuck with Claudio? It was a miracle but I doubt it was 100% his tactical genius or guile in the market that was elevating them above their level. Before he came was the season that Leicester got something like 7 wins from their last 9 games wasn’t it?



He wants Arsenal




Fuck me, when Mourinho can take the moral high ground over you, you know you done fucked up.
Leicester should just liquidize their club and sell off their assets. Fucking joke of a team.


Its for Ronaldo when he comes back.


SHUT UP jose u twat


Nah man. From nothing to winning the biggest trophy in the country and doing so in style? Hes smashed it.

Worst thing he ever did was not sign for us though.


Vardy’s film was always going to be shit. He could win the champions league this season scoring a hattrick and I still doubt anyone would pay to watch it.


Definitely a bit of schadenfreude on my end at this whole Leicester debacle.


Leicestershires win last season will turnout to be the biggest betting scandal outside of piegate… That’s why they sacked RanEIEnari he knows too much,Expect an accident in the near future… and vardy is an android who dreams of sheep…


We lost the title to these jokers :joy:


Let’s be honest here, we can disagree on whether Ranieri deserved the sack, or how much culpability he had in the team’s fall, but…

Most neutrals want Leicester to get relegated now, it’s the latest indictment of cut throat owners sucking the emotion out of football.

My view? I’d love it, love it if they go down now. They’ve still got to goto Middlesbrough and win and that’s never easy


So did the other 18 teams behind us to be fair :sweat_smile: