Leicester City


Scum fans scum always those who have been there know . Scum owners hope they get relegated now !


He isn’t leaving Juventus for Leicester City.


Someone needed to say it. This is the side of modern football that a lot of people don’t identify with but it’s a different ball game in the shoes of the owners. They’re staring relegation in the face so if they don’t believe the manager can save the situation what’s the point of keeping him then?


I wonder what’s more valuable commercially, 1 Premier League title and 2 years in the Championship, or 3 years in the Premier League with mid-table finishes?


Not to shocking if the rumours of some of the players not wanting Ranieri around anymore. Amazing to think after all he did from them but sadly ego has definitely ruined that team and it was a little too late to weed them out for Ranieri. You do get a feeling winning the PL was bad thing for Leicester cause it got their fans, board and players thinking they are all of a sudden Man Utd. It was a one off and will never be repeated again in my lifetime anyway. Do I think Leicester should be fighting relegation? no. But I think this side is a mid table team that way overachieved last season in one of the poorest PL seasons of all time, if you are been brutally honest about it.

Feel for Ranieri but once you lose the players or egos become involved you are screwed.


This is absolutely outrageous. Winning Leicester the league should give him a free pass for at least three years. You can say all you want about the modern game being a business and the need to be ruthless, but at the end of the day as human beings you still need to have a fucking heart.


Ranieri always tends to have a shit second season. Still a shocking decision though.


Sounds like he lost the dressing room big time. No going back from that unfortunately no matter what he’s won.

Right decision even though it seems harsh. Reality is Leic need to stay in Prem. So much money on the line and there’s no space for sentiment.


Leicester was always a squad fit for a relegation battle and losing Kante made a not particularly strong squad even weaker.

This is where they truly belong in the table. Last season was a sporting miracle. If they wanted to avoid this they needed to sell a few of the journeyman and replace them with good quality players which they didn’t do.


If Wenger ever had us in the position ranieri has leicester this season I’d expect him to get the sack too


Well, yeah, obviously. If any top 4 team ended up fighting a relegation battle you’d expect the manager to be sacked. There is a big difference between Arsenal and Leicester though – our expectations are a lot higher. Leicester, by their own admission, only had one target this season – Premier League survival, which, at this moment in time, Ranieri has achieved.


A large percentage of Arsenal fans expectations are that we will drop out the top 4 every season, in their eyes wenger must then be over achieving and the still want him sacked


But the difference in expectation between Arsenal and Leicester is such that if Wenger ever even had us out the top 4 he’d be in contention for the sack. Leicester are not a traditionally big team. They’re minnows. And the success Ranieri brought them will never be duplicated.


its a disgrace

they win the league in the last 16 of the champs league (have a much better chance then us to get thru to the next round) they are 17th which is probably where they expect to be (if last season did not happen)

the chairman have SPOLIT the players by putting there wages up paying for supercars they players have got complacent not the manager

my money is on rodgers being the next Leicester manager

its a real shame as it was such a great fairy tale story and now slightly tainted by idiots who own football clubs but dont understand the game


I notice none of the players have said anything yet so you can presume its they who have
turned on him .

Wankers !


Slightly harsh on the owners there. Even if we assume that everything you said about the players getting complacent is indeed true, what are the owners supposed to do, sack all the players? They have given Ranieri lots of time to sort his players out and get them back to the way they were playing last season but they just don’t seem to be responding to him. The owners certainly don’t want to get relegated so then the only solution is to drop Ranieri, bring a new manager and hope he can get the players to perform. Yes, it’s not fair to Ranieri but what are the options?


Yeah, apparently the senior players met with the owners during the week and said they were unhappy with Ranieri. Having a secret meeting with the owners behind the manager’s back seems a bit wrong to me.


Class acts ,Schmeical is at the heart of this Vardy most likely as well bunch of cunts !


No not at all,

however what they did last season was a one off they wont win the league again, they are 17th and not in the drop zone yet and also there is still plenty of football to be played

i thought the owners would stick with the manager and the set up facts are the same players who won a league are still there - they need to shape up

i dont know the ins and outs as i am not a Leicester fan and i have no idea how true it is that players had meetings with the owners


This must surely fuck Vardys film up…
The rise an fall of an average English striker.

Leicester bunch of wankers anyway…