Leicester City


I think they will beat Hull at home and they will survive. I’d be surprised if they bypassed Sevilla though.


funny enough if they beat Sevilla and finished about 15th id say you could few it as a decent season.
Turbulent but if they made the last 8 of the champions league and rally to safety by the end of the month its pretty good in reality.


Oh definitely. But hopefully Sevilla smash them as they should’ve in the first leg.

Honestly I hated Leicester last season, too. I hated the people who gave me shit for taking credit away from their year and from Ranieri. Who is a great guy but nothing special as a manager. Their season was down to a ludicrous tactical level in the premier last season, I honestly could not fucking believe that teams failed to adapt to their rather simple approach, it should not have taken until this season for it to happen. If it didn’t there’s no way they would’ve won the title last season.


Nice game they had against sevilla, schmeichel was amazing in this leg.


No hate from me regarding them in Europe. Was great seeing them beat Sevilla. They wont be in the Champions League again for a long time, so they’ve got to savor every moment. I’ll be rooting for them in the next round.


Bit of an unexpected choice!


Still think sacking Shakespeare was harsh. West Ham and West Brom have been worse this season and their managers have still got the feet up on their desks.

They said something interesting on Radio 5 Live, that being an assistant and getting a promotion is like a death sentence. Shakespeare spent 8 years being an assistant at Leicester and by all accounts did a great job. And now that’s all gone and he’s out the door. Obviously you want to move on to bigger things at some point but to get sacked from a job that you probably weren’t ready for, at a club you love, within 8 months is a bit of a kick in the nuts.


I always thought it was bit shit that you can’t be deemed as an interim manager and sent back to previous role once the experiment fails.


Shakespeare was massively out of his depth and never should have been given the role to begin with.


Exactly. This was his first managerial job and he seemed to be given it full time simply because the players liked him and actually performed for him at the back end of last season. They should have hired a new manager in the summer and put him back as the assistant. Despite the results, it was obvious the job was in fact too big for him. And now he’s left with nothing, where does he go from here?


Not quite left with nothing, he gets a nice pay off and will find a job elsewhere.

In football more often than not you land on your feet, he knew the deal going in. If they could sack Ranieri then he was ridiculously disposable and was almost destined to be sacked too.

And perhaps there’s a little bit of karma afoot as the rumour is he was complicit in Ranieri’s sacking.


But perhaps there is no other option but to take the job as the club sacked it’s manager in urgency to change things around.

Plus when a new manager comes in, he has his own preference of staff so the guy is just compelled to take it to avoid the risk of new manager letting him go.


Yeah I guess. But it’s still harsh on someone who has been at the club for so long. He knows a lot of those players, he helped nurture them. I’m sure he wasn’t desperate for the managerial job full-time – especially as much like us, he would have known how it would turn out. But just like Southgate and England, he probably felt he had to take it. If they’d used him as an interim and hired someone else he’d still be at the club doing a job he was good at.


Good choice. Think he did well with Southampton last season. He almost beat Manure in the League Cup.


Think hes an under whelming choice and was really dull with Southampton tbh.


Pathetic scum of a team. Hope they get relegated one day.


Lol Luca. You can’t just hate on any team who beat us.

It’s not their fault we’re shit!


Was waiting for this hah


The fucking cunts have lost all their last games previous to today :roll_eyes:


So we are playing them out of their absolutely horrendous form I see