Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


I wouldn’t blame them. Wasting their best footballing years under a manager like Wenger.


I didn’t watch it all because the stream cut off. but it did show Jack and one other (Coq maybe? can’t remember) go over and clap the fans. so i can’t speak to it.


Looks like that time where I stop going on this forum as much.

I understand having polarising views against Wenger, but this is now ruining discussion.


Mate, i get where you’re coming from because believe me, as someone who wants Wenger gone yesterday, it’s no fun at all talking this way. would sooner be singing the mans praises and kicking the crap out of anybody who would dare to say one bad word against him. but we have to be realistic, Wenger lost players even when he was thought of with more respect. do you seriously think either of those 2 will be here next year if we make it into the top 4 but fail to win a major trophy?

If the unthinkable happens and we fail to make even top 4, those 2 will be out the door so quick they’ll make Bellerin look like he’s standing still.


Silly to hypothesise on something like this when we are two games in.

The media is feeding something, and you keep coming back for more.

Stress less; football should be about enjoyment.


I don’t follow the media. haven’t bought a paper in years. ok i read some of what the media prints online but i don’t follow it to the point i jump on the media bandwagon. i try nd form my own conclusions and opinions as much as possible.i’m only going by what i see on the pitch and what i hear from Wenger’s own mouth.

I’d like nothing more than to enjoy football again and post happy-clappy thoughts, trouble is Wenger is…no…has sucked all the enjoyment out of the game for me. to say that about the man who brought so much joy into watching football (not just for us Gooners, but football fans in general stood back and watched with envy) is truly heartbreaking,

I don’t know how else to say it, the man is for me- DONE!


From now on I’m rating our performances by the type of poo they would be.

For example this performance was like the juicy turd you’d blast out of your butthole after partaking of a couple industrial sized bags of gummy bears and a 12 pack of mountain dew.


You should do me a favour and have a dirty protest right across your desktop monitor.


That Arsenal team is so average it hurts.

Then to hear his sarcasm about transfers is embarrassing.

Sooooo lucky to get a point


Been out all evening, so I missed the game. Sounds like from reading the posts above that a draw is about fair and unsurprisingly we’re lacking in striker options to finish off chances.

Was the game decent viewing, or fairly quiet affair?


Shit game, best chances fell to Leicester, Walcott is shit and Leicester could had 2 penalties.


So dull and boring to watch now. Biggest and saddest fall of his legacy is how ordinary his teams have become.
Drowning in a sea of mediocrity this man. When the womens hockey team give you more excitement than Arsenal its a bit sad really.
Just plan your retirement Arsene and give the fans a lift.



All he said was that they are wasting their best footballing years playing for Wenger. Even if you don’t agree, it’s not exactly an outrageous thing to say.


EMO wizard!


You do realize you kinda look like Jack Wilshere and Joel Cambell had a baby?


Boring. Predictable. Stagnant. What the hell goes on in training all week that we are still sending in crosses to Alexis? He’s up against Huth,Morgan and Schmeichel! He’s been completely fucked up top alone, and it’s clearly shown in his performances, I don’t recall one moment of brilliance he has had the first two games. And if he has forgive me, he’s been wasted up top.


We didnt lose away to the champions …which was nice . We looked better with Giroud on ? Well he is good looking .! It takes only a moment to score a goal buts its better to start with your best team rather than end it . Its also better to play the football you can be most effective with using the players you have but weve been through that one. Still If we can scrape a win @ Watford we will have time to regroup and plan a campaign after the interlull. We do need a striker but we need to devise a game plan that will create chances for one. Right now we could have Suarez up front but pinging wild crosses to him surrounded by monster CBs is as useful as a having a chocolate teapot .


I thought his performance was near on perfect, one of the best games he has had for years. Perfect decision making and easily man of the match.

Take a bow… Mark Clattenburg

As for the rest of the team, Koch aside distinctly average to poor.

No subs until 70 mins when you don’t look like scoring was puzzling. Perhaps Wenger fell asleep.


A Famous away point at the Champions.