Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)

#Leicester City vs Arsenal
Saturday, 6:30 / King Power Stadium
Premier League

It’s gonna be a very tough match for us, we will need our best players back in the starting line-up. Will that happen though?

“Laurent is close to returning. Aaron should be back after the international break. Maybe I will take a gamble on bringing them [Ozil, Koscielny & Giroud] back early but I have 48 hours to decide."
A. Wenger

Doesn’t sound promising. What are your thoughts? Will Leicester beat us for the first time in a long while, will it be a draw? Or will the Arsenal pick up their first three points of the campaign?

A repeat of last season wouldn’t be awful:

  • Leicester City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Was at that game last season, and to be honest, we were fortunate to not be 3 or 4 down at half time, our first goal was massively against the run of play…second half was all us though, it was very odd, it was if Leicester just didn’t fancy it 2nd half, they were not the same team as the 1st half at all

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Was expecting the players he gave more time to rest to be back for this game, but if they’re a question mark for this game too, I wonder what Wenger’s actual plan was for the August.

I’m really hoping that it’s just a bit of a bluff and that he’s trying to keep Leicester guessing for another day.

Hoping Arsenal get out there and really make a statement of intent by smashing these pretenders.

No matter how pissed i am with Wenger, i ALWAYS want the win!



I think it’ll be another convincing defeat, with our lack of cohesion at the back being the deciding factor.

My heart says win, my head says resounding defeat.

Vardy and Mahrez will score no doubt. I’m so confident they will I’m gonna bet on it.

3-1 Leicester.

Lose this and you can call time on our title ambitions unfortunately.

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The only consolation is that Leicester looked poor against Man Utd, and even more so against Hull.

That’s the only straw to clutch at right now.

Come on now, that’s a bit extreme

Kos should be starting this one. Ozil and Giroud would be in the squad too. We always come back good after the regular 1st defeat, so should be a win.

Ox most likely will start ahead of injuried Iwobi, Xhaka instead of Ramsey? It’ll be a different squad from the Liverpool game.

Please win. We’ll be 6 points behind no doubt otherwise.


Bellerin - Chambers - Kos - Monreal

Xhaka - Elneny


Ox - Walcott - Sanchez

Fans who will put money against Arsenal :poldi:

I would like to see Monreal with Koscielny as CB, Xhaka and Cazorla on midfield and Wilshere as number 10…if Ozil and Giroud will not be ready.

I’d be putting Koscielny and Özil straight into the team. And for the love of god, please start Santi in CM.


I fear both teams are gonna play for a draw. No one can afford another defeat.

Let’s go with pace


Was saying to a bloke i work with that we could end up with 0 points after 2 games and be virtually out of the title race

After last weekends disaster this game has me worried now. Unlike how Hull played against Leicester we will play right in to their hands. We will have possession, pass it around a lot, lose it and they will counter

Not optimistic at all sadly

I’d argue neither team can do with a draw either. Over the course of a season playing for a draw is worthless, if you’re not fighting to stay up or if it’s not a 6-pointer (away from home), so I think both will definitely go for the win.

Maybe only Leicester can afford a draw, considering they need to stay up first this season.

I like that team Bl1nk, apart from Walcott up front!

Problem is who else is there to go up top? Apkom maybe? He might be worth a shot but after losing last weekend we badly need to win this, well draw at the very least and can we be experimenting with Apkom? I’m not so sure

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