Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)




A striker would have won us this game.


I agree with the individual displays you point out, i’d have to be blind and stupid not to. but the fact still remains, it was a boring game and if that had been a better side, and if Clatenberg had sent off Coq as he should have, and if he had awarded the pen as he should have, we would have lost that game regardless of Kocs’s monster game. I know, i know, and if our aunts had balls…

Our attack is toothless and slow, constantly trying to walk the ball into the net.

Yes there were positives, but the negatives are still there.


I’m genuinely more optimistic that:

  • Arsene will sign a striker
  • As @Bl1nk has said, when our big boys are on, we look good!

I agree, we cornered ourselves in to that left wing, but that is surely down to the fact that we had Alexis/a different formation, that meant we were a little shy/uncertain (which is another thing to discuss in itself).

ANY striker on the pitch would’ve fixed that, and when Giroud came on, we were far more direct.


Thought we would lose, so all in all, quite happy with the 0-0.


I’m not one to go massively negative, but honestly, I can’t see a game before October that I think we can win with our current squad.


Not trying to be overly negative either, but our style and lack of end product bores and frustrates me to death right now. When our 70 minute subs came on we looked much better though.

And the most important thing: thank.the.f*ck.we.have.kos!!


Giroud himself is also part of the problem. the man is far to 1 dimensional in that he’s not capable of running at defences, or running in behind. he’s not the answer. our game play is far too pedestrian and predictable.

This is meant as a general statement and not aimed at you mate…

This is Leicester, fuck that they are the champions, we should be frigging pasting these pretenders!


In my opinion, we have played a good game, especially on defense and on midfield. We showed solidity at the back, thanks to a great performance by Koscielny who has controlled Holding with intelligence. A better job from the defensive wingers has certainly helped him to be more calm.

Despite the yellow card, Coquelin has been intelligent to play a good second half as the first, near Xhaka (his passing quality is tremendous) and in the final part of the game with a Jack Wilshere determined to add speed and imprevedibility. Same words for Mesut Ozil.

Unfortunately we haven’t won the game because of our attack has been poor. Wenger lost the first game because of lack of signing on defense and today the draw is the fruit of lack of spending on attack. Yes, on attack, because Alexis and Theo have been so poor. The chilean doesn’t know how to play as striker, lack of knowledge of the role.

We are already five points under United, Chelsea and City, but there is still time to recover. We will know the intention to be title contender if our manager will buy the two players what we need.


What? We had a front 3 of runners for most of the match and they offered nothing in terms of interplay in the final third, traction or presence and couldn’t even counter attack properly

Giroud comes on with Ozil and Jack then we look much better upfront, more direct and efficient


But that’s hardly Giroud’s fault though; he does what he does, and the team uses the skills he has, not the ones he doesn’t have.


Did they score and i missed it?


Is it really just a lack of spending though or is our offensive execution just really poor? I do think a signing is going to make us better, but we have been rather uninspirational for some time now.


Well I’ll be happy to agree with all the positives posted up. It was far from that dross last week.

There are a few variables that affected our attack, largely playing Alexis as the main #9. The guy just won’t stay in position there and causes way too much havoc to even invite his wingmen into play. First half was quite conservative, Ox was a positive however. Second half opened up and I felt we exposed them better a lot better, even more so with the inclusion of Wilshire and Özil.

Lacking a pure #9 is evident.


Less than 20 mins isn’t alot of time to affect any football match really. Then again we go back to the source…Wenger

We certainly looked better with Ozil, Jack and Giroud on the pitch

This is an important consideration


All true points i can’t argue with…

At the end of the day, my BIGGEST gripe with this team, and with what Wenger has become is this…EVERYTHING the team and the club does is so laboured, and without good reason. the simplest of things now look like mission impossible.

I also agree with SDG, our attack is [piss] poor.


We need a striker so badly. I thought we played well but didn’t have the killer upfront like Aguero or Ibra who only need one chance. Walcott had lots of missed chances.


That’s a MASSIVE understatement mate. All i know is, the most we have spent on a striker is £16million. that’s fucking pathetic when you think Palace have just signed Benteke for £32million. not that he’s worth that, or even a very good striker. but that does highlight how shocking we have been in the transfer market when it comes to strikers.


My eldest boy just watched the 2nd half again and said Alexis and Özil shot off down the tunnel without going over to our supporters. i can see them both going at the end of the year


I saw them clap the fans…