Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)







French TV made a report about the away fans at the game


No pace in our play, the players look lost of ideas and not interested

Sanchez is not an option as a striker! If Wenger believes this then he has seriously lost it

Lost track of the amount of times we went wide for there only to be Sanchez in the box. How is he going to beat Huth and Morgan in the air? He isnt ffs. Then we try and play through the middle but our play is just so slow and predictable, as it has been for many a year now

5 points behind our main rivals already and we havent even played them lol. The season can only get better, honest!


Couldn’t watch the game but I really don’t understand why he didn’t go with Özil-Iwobi behind Lacazette.


Might have something to do with the fact that Lacazette was a Lyon player at the time.




I don’t know why but this has really made me LOL. I looked at this thread and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but you clearly decided otherwise. Similar to the Welbeck thing earlier.


Lol Cuellar, you fucker! :arteta: