Leicester City Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 0-1

If this happens to Ramsdale we’d just be hearing “keeper needs to be stronger there”


I’m not shocked… its just terrible timing since he had a good first half and was serviceable end of last season.

Completely agree. If you add on the correct time, you make time wasting pointless.

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It’s very weird that VAR flagged for one and not the other. If we’re going to accept the stoppages, we should at least be able to force a review.


If VAR is used consistently we either get a penalty, or don’t get our goal disallowed. Either way should be 1-0 up.

Anyway, more of the same and we should win the game

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No disagreement with that… I still maintain VAR should be scrapped, do analysis for a year and then bring it back (maybe).

yeah that guy fell all over Saka - that was ridiculous lack of call.

Refereeing decisions have been an abomination again today.

Praying they aren’t the talking point after the game.

Please get the win Arsenal


Can’t we just have a game without VAR bullshit


I assume VAR was looking at it while play continued, waiting for a break, and somehow in their calamitous way decided it wasn’t a foul… it just needs to be done away with… they suck so bad at it.

new contract syndrome :henry2:

I’d like to see Vieira for Xhaka before we pull Martinelli. I’d like to see if the two young lads can sustain a bit of chemistry.

Maybe Vieira gives Martinelli a bit of a boost.

I’d pull him our right away tbh, but I hope 60 minutes is the absolute max Arteta gives him today, unless he makes a big contribution before that…

With ESR and Eddie on the bench I’ll be fuming if he stays on the pitch for longer than that.

Martinelli has been on an island for months.

Shearer and Wrighty saying penalty. Wrighty’s going mad. It’s clear as day.

VAR can be eagle eyed against Ben White but can’t see Saka wrestled to ground. Fucking CUNTS.


If Eddie was fully fit, I’d tend to agree… but I also think you want to give Martinelli a talking to at half, some clear instructions, and give the lad 10-15 min to make a diff. That way you only need Eddie for 30 as well.

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It’s difficult not to feel bitter. Speaking as an ex-referee, this is getting embarrassing.

Hopeless officials are turning the league into a lottery. What’s the fucking point anymore?


Nah to me that’s poor keeping. It’s not like White is chicken winging his arm, it basically gets a bit caught but the real issue is why is Ward attemtpting to bat the ball away one-handed like that?

It’s awful keeping bailed out by VAR. In that situation, if you’ve made the choice to punch then you go up and you punch that ball the fuck out of there…

Corrupt league, blatant penalty on Saka.

I’m sure we’ll get another apology down the line though.