Leicester City Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 0-1

I find it astonishing that after the Brentford scandal the VAR has come back again to be a topic of conversation.

It needs to be suspended whilst the standard of refereeing remains so low.


His right hand is gripping the wrist, while his left arm is dropped over it as well… it is a wrestling move lol. The problem is consistency, as others have said.

Another standard day of Arsenal refereeing

Makes me wonder if this is the reason, they never wanted it in this league did they the refs.

That’s been the standard for years

You can’t suspend it midseason, but I think they should have a serious thought about suspending it for 2023-24 and rework the entire process.

Suspending VAR isn’t going to magically fix the shitty refereeing.

Instead of throwing out the hammer, maybe fire the carpenters that are swinging it around like a moron.

they would suspend it and then bin it saying ‘its not fit for purpose’ when in actual fact its them that aren’t fit for purpose.

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Lol might be a “move” in fake wrestling but as an actual fulcrum to create leverage its basically useless.

Ward is also making contact at the same time, surely a pen then?

Tbf, aside the added time, I think the reffing has been on point.
White was clearly holding Ward’s hand and that pen incident was way too soft.

Just shocking really


Saka pen claim was 10x worse than the Ben White one. It’s a penalty everyday and twice on Sun.


The other view makes it clear Saka went on him. Never a pen.

this aint incompetence anymore its blatant corruption

Sick of the officiating in this league now. They’ll apologise though when it doesn’t matter. Shit’s starting to ruin the game.

Absolutely atrocious. Whats the point of VAR if they arent checking that type of thing while the game is going? Do they just openly decide to not look?

Looking forward to the apology later in the week.



you can’t grab someone so blatantly and hold their hand down like that, especially with your other arm also impeding that arm (which I would agree, is potentially “incidental”)… was Ward weak? Sure, but it is irrelevant. that is a foul all day long. No one even argued the point when they saw the video.



Ahhhh Martinelli looks fucked…